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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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everything affecting me out right now
monkey in space
First 11 things I can think of...
  1. Co-habitation ++
  2. McLeod finances --
  3. Robot Co-op goals +
  4. My ability to be productive --
  5. Suicide of a good friend's ex ---
  6. Apartment Therapy ++
  7. Health Month +
  8. Attempts at secret reconciliation +
  9. Slow weights +
  10. Doing taxes -
  11. The weather -
Net result of survey? -

Subjective guess from the gut about how I really feel? -

On a 1-10 scale? 5 (Yes, 5 is below satisfactory)

How much better I feel after at least listing this? +

I don't need a drink so much as a highly productive replacement robot while I take a long nap.

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a replacement robot, to take my place for the shelter dog run last night would have been awesome.

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