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everything affecting me out right now
monkey in space
First 11 things I can think of...
  1. Co-habitation ++
  2. McLeod finances --
  3. Robot Co-op goals +
  4. My ability to be productive --
  5. Suicide of a good friend's ex ---
  6. Apartment Therapy ++
  7. Health Month +
  8. Attempts at secret reconciliation +
  9. Slow weights +
  10. Doing taxes -
  11. The weather -
Net result of survey? -

Subjective guess from the gut about how I really feel? -

On a 1-10 scale? 5 (Yes, 5 is below satisfactory)

How much better I feel after at least listing this? +

I don't need a drink so much as a highly productive replacement robot while I take a long nap.

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get it out! good going!

now take a nap and then kiss your fiancee and then get moving!

I suggested to Erin that tomorrow might be the night we go out for Health Month dancing. Might that be a + for you two?

It might indeed! You're coming over for a haircut first, right? It's difficult to turn down good 80s dancing when feeling this emo.

That was gonna be Wednesday, but we could make it tomorrow night if it works for Kellianne. I'll text her, because it would be more fun to go with new hair!

We'll request a lot of stuff by The Smiths!

OK, no haircut tomorrow, but I am still down for dancing!

a replacement robot, to take my place for the shelter dog run last night would have been awesome.

why just health month? why not health life?

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