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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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lazy recap of the end of last year and the beginning of this year
health month
150 to Reno

It's been a week since Kellianne and I finished our roadtrip and four days since Health Month started and two days since we began week one of Apartment Therapy's 8-week apartment cure, and two days since we re-started weekly meetings with McLeod Residence owners, and one day since I figured out some goals for the Robot Co-op with co-workers, and about one hour since my last herbal tea (which for some reason still makes me hyper... maybe just through conditioning). Drinking so much tea and absolutely no caffeine and alcohol really makes me need to pee a whole lot more. I guess there are hidden benefits to being dehydrated 24/7/365.

I'm still processing what has happened in the last few weeks.

billetdoux  &co put on the most ridiculous and awesome 3-day party I've ever been to. It was over-the-top and welcoming at the same time. Luxurious and comfy. Boston was awesome. Thanks for letting KA and I stay at your house when my plane was unexpectedly (and rather gladly) delayed for a day. I may have been a bit absinthe-minded most of that last day, but what I do remember I remember with much glee.

Christmas in Delaware was how I imagine Christmas was originally intended. Jovial, full of zeal, and full of DDR.

We drove 4,000 miles through the middle of the country and all I have are pages and pages of Twitter, Flickr, and LJ entries. But seriously, this was my first major road trip with, how shall I put it, a GIRL. My plethora of youthful road trips involved the boys, scheming, no showering, and lots of stops at 7-11. This one, honestly, blew all of those away. I love my boys, of course, but romantic road trips are tough to beat in this world.

I want to extend a million thanks to fambai  and officially declare her the Best Host in the West. When we arrived in SF late New Year's Eve eve after a week of driving through myriad sludge and salt flats, we arrived to hugs, a big sign of welcome, champagne, towels, shampoo, a box of SF tourist information, ideas about trolleys and sneaking champagne, and pretty much everything anyone might need at any point in time. Jess, you're awesome. Seriously. Thank you for letting us crash at your place for two nights, even if the fold-out bed likes to eject people into the wall. Thanks to everyone else in SF for contributing to a wonderful New Year's Eve.

My body feels a bit like those old stinky bars after the smoking ban. Sure, the smell of alcohol, caffeine, and sugar has dramatically exited the system, but in its place are a bunch of little bodily illnesses that have been long waiting to be king of the hill. I have a runny nose, a cough, and my wrist hurts. I'm not complaining, just stating facts. On the other hand, my metabolism and energy levels have stabilized a whole lot and I'm no longer scrambling like a chemist with a leaking bunsen burner at a tiki torch parade to balance, adjust, up down around, filter, self-medicate, etc, all the time.

Strangely, I don't even want to drink coffee or alcohol. Or sugar. When is the craving supposed to start? My only craving is to not have to make excuses for not eating or drinking what everyone else is eating or drinking. But I figure this is my chance to be annoying and I might as well take it while I have a (good) reason. Most people at restaurants laugh when you say you're doing a weird New Year's resolution thing. They even made a special Health Month approved sauce for me at the new Boom Noodle restaurant across from work.

People have confronted me a bit about Health Month, nit-picking rules or allowances here and there, questioning the true healthiness of this pursuit, and generally trying to ruin the fun. But Rick answered it best here: "Think of it as a game. A healthy game. It is not a lifestyle statement or a diet." Bam.

And for that matter, paraphrase and extend that statement to everything I ever do or ever did. Life is a game. An enjoyable game. Not a statement or a judgment or a peppermint. And yes, we take it seriously, but I take it seriously in the name of fun. If it's not fun, it's done in my book.

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Yea! It was fun having you guys. I do like the little things. Molly, too, can attest that I have a little Martha in me. ;)

well i'm all for ridiculous challenges and testing yourself phsyically and mentally

but maybe then it should be called "challenge month" and not "health month"

Re: well i'm all for ridiculous challenges and testing yourself phsyically and mentally

Yeah. It's true, I've had to explain to a couple people, as I munch on almonds and pistachios all day, that Health Month isn't really entirely about health. Maybe it should be called the Healthier Fun Funny Month Challenge 2008.

I guess I see the appeal of "health month" but maybe I can't really get into it because I've been playing a games with my diet for about fifteen or so years where I don't eat meat. Also, the timing for not drinking caffeine is terrible. I'm not willing to be miserable for fun this month.

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