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Buster Benson

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Health Month, Day 1
health month

Health Month, Day 1
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After my indulgent 11:50pm bourbon on the rocks and my reckless 11:55pm tequila shot, I put out a cigarette in an 11:57pm beer at 12:00am last night and I have to admit that the first 11 minutes of Health Month were pretty great.

After dusting off my old blood-pressure-o-meter this morning, my biometrics have been determined to be:

Weight: 162.2 lbs
Body Fat: 13%
Blood Pressure: 119/69
Heart Rate: 72 bpm

My goal isn't to lose weight. But all of the other numbers can come down if they want.

I haven't yet eaten anything because so far I can't locate anything that actually satisfies the rules of Health Month. Instead of worry about that, Kellianne and I are gonna go snow inner tubing with Andy and Ingo, who, along with the majority of Health Monthers, interpreted the rather mysterious start date of "Monday, January 6th" as Monday January 7th rather than my numerical-centric interpretation of Sunday January 6th. I attribute my interpretation to an over-eager zeal to begin.

To zeal and health and a month of absurdity!

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I'm starting at 2am on the 7th! Sunday is usually the start of my weekends and is the only night I can drink and stay up late without having to worry about going to work the next day.

Welcome to the insanity!

Starting tomorrow! Yay!

Yay! Be sure to blog about it a lot cause I need all the solidarity I can get. :)

Today's day six for me. Not drinking is boring.

I'm trying to find a good drinking substitute. Like spinning in circles or hanging upside down. Any ideas?

So far I've been using tea to substitute the oral fixation. The bigger problem is what to do with all this new free sober time.

Didn't you have some cocktail-looking drink you would have so it would look like you were drinking when you didn't want to?

Yeah, my special drink was soda water and bitters, with a lime. Give or take some cranberry juice in exchange for the bitters, or lemon juice, or whatever else was within eyesight.

I started after breakfast...I was clean other than the cream cheese in my omelet, though!


We had a giant sashimi plate yesterday... life could be worse.

my ass looks great in that photo.

Started yesterday (but already kinda broke the rules). I interpreted the start date the same way you did. Or actually I think I asked you on Friday night so whatever.

Edited at 2008-01-07 08:14 pm (UTC)

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