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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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To the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008!
I just re-read my post from this time last year that celebrated 2006.  In particular:

You force things to happen by wanting things. You make things happen by being the thing. There is no more need to want things, just be things. Be your best self. Everything is an end in itself. If the process of getting something or becoming something isn't the reward that you're looking for, you're never going to get it. Because there isn't anything else. You can't force an idea to come any more than you can force a relationship to work. Ideas come and relationships work when you relax and just be them in the best sense.
I wrote the above one week before McLeod Residence opened.  And I anticipated the arrival of all of my friends from around the country to the New Year's Eve opening.  I even mention Kellianne before ever having exchanged a word with her.  What a crazy year!  Kellianne moved in yesterday, and today we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of McLeod Residence with the people that made it all work.  Even billetdoux's in town!  Fun times for sure.  And the conclusion of the most amazing series of celebrations in 5 different cities that I've ever experienced.  I will re-cap the roadtrip in a couple days.

My resolutions from last year were:
  1. Do something that surprises, inspires, and terrifies me.  Boy oh boy.  The evolution of McLeod over the last year definitely filled the bill for this goal.  Falling in love and having a bi-coastal crush extravaganza that resulted in true love, an engagement, and a 4,300 mile relocation does as well.
  2. Open a bar/art gallery with friends.  Yup.
  3. Revive Office Hours as something new.  I didn't really do this.  I tried to with Egger McLeod Happy Hour, but found I didn't' have enough energy to pull it off the way I really wanted to.
  4. Become a certified Toastmaster.  Didn't succeed at this either.  In fact, I had to quit Toastmasters after my 3rd speech due to time and energy constraints.
50% is okay I guess.  2007 was actually all about the first resolution and the dynamic created between creating a business with friends and falling in love with a girl that lived on the other side of the country... the twin power dynamic between old friends and new loves, between big ideas and their much more difficult execution, between impossibility and ease, between words and actions, between pain and ecstacy, between the east coast and the west coast, between who I was before and who I am now.

I feel more grounded this year than I did last year.  I feel less manic, less rational, less articulate.  I feel more emotional, more certain, more slow-and-steady.  There's a lot in motion, a lot I can't talk about publicly, a lot I can't really even think about very easily.  I grew distant from a couple close friends, and made a few really good new friends. 

It's difficult to talk about my life at the moment because it's filled with opposing extremes.  Fear and excitement.  Love and anger.  Anticipation and dread.  Life is surprising, inspiring, and terrifying.  And I'm so glad that I feel healthy and confident enough to take it on and keep good intentions and roll with change and surprises as they come.

My rather vague resolutions for 2008 are:
  1. Care about health for a year.  This is going to start with health month on January 6th.  After that, I'll do a health experiment every month that gets documented and involves learning something new about health.  I want to feel and look healthier, stronger, and less stressed out.
  2. Rock co-habitation.  Make my little loft with Kellianne an awesome place to live.  Hang up all of my art and prints.  Organize files and junk.  Apartment Therapy starts next week.  I get married in 10 months.
  3. Roll with change.  Everything is always changing and evolving.  I want to roll with this change and use its energy for good rather than being afraid of it or cringing through it.  This means making bold transitions instead of lazy ones.  Being thorough.
My more specific resolutions for 2008 are:
  1. Get married.
  2. Re-connect with my family.
  3. Finish the friend book.
  4. Get out of debt.
  5. Do slow weights until I feel strong.
  6. Take dance lessons.
  7. Make another attempt to learn how to cook.
  8. Make some art.
I tried to come up with one more so that I could have 12 like Rick,  but I think 11 is going to have to suffice.  Or maybe I can count my secret resolution.

If anyone wants to suggest resolutions to me, I'm open to those too.  I think that maybe some other time of the year should be dedicated to suggesting resolutions to each other instead of to ourselves.  They'd probably be a lot better. 

I'm very optimistic about this year.  It's going to be awesome.  I hope it will be awesome for you too.

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For your health goals I highly suggest reading "Eat to Live" by Joel Fuhrman. I don't plan to follow it strictly, but I am going to try and incorporate it into my daily eating habits.

P.S. Yea! You arrived in Seattle!

43 Things is basically a resolution engine, isn't it? You are the king of resolve!

What are office hours?

what a great post, and so inspiring. it's good to see other people work through the changes, and realize we're all a little more alike than we know. thank you ! kam martin

what kind of dance lessons do you want to take?

Here's to a great year!

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