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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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Mt Unpleasant
bird poops on plum branch
The Rockies might've made us a little cocky. The landscape of Utah flattened out and we marvelled at the sunset which seemed to last 2 hours. We ate a little and thought we'd make it to California by the end of the night, but the Mormon God had different plans for us.

Mt Pleasant came upon us quickly just as we left the happy interstate for a two-laner up to Salt Lake City. The horizon folded into jagged mountains, the curtain of darkness enveloped us, and snow began blowing directly into our windshield!

I've never driven in the snow really, and Kellianne can't see well enough at night. The grade of the road was 7 degrees up and the next town was 40 miles away. I did not dispel the thought that we might be goners.

I went about thirty miles an hour for 5 miles... I couldn't even see the lines on the road... at best merely the tracks of the last car that may or may not have been on the road. Then, luckily, the big rig behind me passed and confidently blazed a trail of success up over and down the mountain. So then we raced 40 mph, and by the end had such a ragtag gangs of scared cars with us that it was almost sad to turn onto I-15 N and leave them after all we had been through together. But the joy of living to the next day helped us quickly move on.

Coincidentally, Mt Pleasant is the name of KA's highschool and engraved on her class ring which I currently wear on my left hand. Maybe this was its last snowy test!

And now we sit in Salt Lake City's finest Motel 6, two hours earlier than usual with a bottle of wine and the discovery that we left the good shampoo and conditioner at last night's Best Western. I love this life. Seriously.

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did kharis and kevin give you my CB radio?

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