bird poops on plum branch


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bird poops on plum branch
We just entered the Rockies proper and the weather switched from sunny to snowy in a matter of two bends in the road. Altitude is about to cross 10,000 any minute. We're being extra careful as our ears pop and we polish off our pack of Red Bull.

Boulder, CO marked the line between east and west for us... now we're in my part of the country, full of hippies, Wells Fargo, and hopefully an In-and-Out Burger serendipitously placed between two surf shops. Somewhere in these hills I returned with my friend's mom in highschool to find a lost german sheppard. We found her after 3 days searching under a bridge with a broken leg almost dead from dehydration. Some water and a pin in her leg gave Parma a few more years of sunny suburban life.

It's SOOO beautiful right now. My iPhone from behind dirty windows is futilely trying to capture what you have to be here to take in.

Listening to Go! Team and Jonathan Lethem's new book on tape, You Don't Love Me Yet. Trying not to slide off the mountain.

Due to lack of fully mapping out our route to San Francisco, we inadvertently added a hundred miles to our trip because I-70 ends in Utah and we need to cut up to Salt Lake City to get on I-80. Still, we hope to get to SF late tomorrow night or early Monday morning. Can't wait to see my SF friends soon!


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