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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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on the road
bird poops on plum branch
After letting my iPhone sit in a pool of water for several hours I'm surprised that the charger connection was the only thing broken.

We used our Xmas gift money to procure a new phone and KA's old friend Pete's hospitality to activate, and after a few more cups of coffee and delicious carrot cake we've officially kicked off for the golden West!

We're stoked, listening to Rick's kindly donated iPod that cab only play on shuffle and letting the road and whimsey take us all the way west. Right now jazz and Tom Petty are appropriately being spun.

We're gonna drive until we're hungry and tired!

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Good luck guys!!!! have an awesome adventure!

Thank you! We are and will continue to!

how freaking cool is that. I am going to love your updates. we are thinking about doing that for our honeymoon maybe!

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