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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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a barbaric weekend
bird poops on plum branch
The difference between a good party and a great party is the people.  This last weekend was filled with great people even though I hardly knew most of them.  Here are the people I was really excited and delighted to see at the Barbarian Group Holiday Party in Boston this last weekend, in rough chronological order: Kellianne (<3), Erin Carey (fellow Seattle-ite), Ryan King (sharer of winter-themed Summer Shack), Harry (best sweater), Alice (super glamorous), Tiffany (best muppet dancer), Camille (trusted around money), Amanda (late-night caller), Alita (feather-bearing game-spotter), Danielle (unknown friend of Jakob), Rick Webb (best party-maker!), Judi (best host), Shannon (co-ruler of Boston), Russell (co-ruler of Boston), Alex (best red dress), Stephanie Durrell (instant friend), Ben Durrell (most social anti-socialite), Charlotte (pure fun), Ryan 1 (most absent future bff), Ryan 2 (pusher of spirits), Emma (best bench dancer), Tom (snack table bff), Mike Bodge (bff), Melissa (best sport), Abby (most fanatical), Emily (most cutting necklace), Suzy Bosch (bonder on scotch), Suzy Buzz (super tiny), Kim (Chris Weber's high school friend), and Victoria (engaged sandwich inventor).  This was a great party with great people!

bold = people I have met before but don't really know very well
italics = people I've never met before but am really glad to have met
everyone else = people I know and love

More accurately, a great weekend with great people, since there were after-parties, next-day parties, and next-next-day lounging, vegging, and Boston-bar-hopping.  It was awesome.  Here are other recaps and post-partyiums: Kellianne, Rick, Victoria, Abby, Alice, Alex, Alita, Kellianne earlier, Judi, and Abby earlier as well.  There are a whole bunch of pictures: mine / everyone's.

And the beginning of a great end (4 more big parties in the next 3 weeks), and the end of a great beginning (2007 was about the double down... 2008 about building on foundations).

Random highlights:
  • The crazy mix of people all dancing together on the same stage, sweating like crazy
  • The ridiculously open bar (even the money was floating about loose)
  • The music (good blend of classics, embarrassing songs, and stuff I like)
  • Going home to change
  • After party at the Barbarian Offices where we exhibited the muppet dance
  • Guessing people's drunkenness on a scale of 1-10, most people being 8s or 9s
  • Smoking on the snowy fire escape
  • Rick and Kellianne's rendition of Holocast
  • Those fruit chips
  • Meeting lots of people I had never met before but knew from THE INTERNET
  • Seeing lots of people I don't get to see enough of
  • Comments from our hotel neighbors in the morning
  • Room service hamburgers and chicken sandwiches
  • Shopping around: Garment District, Museum of Useful Things, Black Ink
  • Dinner at Eastern Standard where they gave us extra-special treatment for no reason really
  • After-after-party at Rick and Judy's where 20 bottles of champagne, and 1 bottle of absinthe, were drunk
  • Parts of fur coats
  • The Buddha Box
  • Going through Rick's boxes
  • Absinthe-minded drunkenness
  • Stealing and taking apart a hotel sign
  • Hopping elevators
  • Sleep-talking
  • Brunch at Charley's with ice cube feet
  • A relaxing afternoon of Scrabulous and BSG at Rick and Judi's
  • Haircuts
  • Watching Nick Cave music videos
  • Almost watching 2 cups and 1 girl, but not
  • Bar-hopping, more absinthe
  • Snowballs in faces
  • Breakfast at some science place
  • Knowing there are only 3 days left

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ha ha. I forgot you guys went through Rick's boxes. That was a fun party.

Most Cutting Necklace

OMG!!! I'd like to thank my MOM and the BABY JESUS!

and especially my wonderful friend Kym who gave me that necklace.

it was soooooooo nice to meet you finally. You = A+ and with stars.

wooooo!! I love that on your list there is a person I don't know, at my own party. That makes me very happy.

See you saturday!

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