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bird poops on plum branch

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I have to say a great way to spend the evening is to go through and think about all your friends, find pictures of them, read answers about how and when you met. It made me appreciate how many awesome people I know and have experienced parts of life with. This project is totally a morale booster (not that my morale needs boosting lately) and I recommend it equally to the happiest and saddest persons out there... they'll definitely feel (even) better after doing this exercise.

I love my friends!

PS. It's not too late to send me your stuff. I plan on continuing to collect them from people as long as necessary. In some ways, this is equally an experiment of asking for favors and reconnecting with people as it is about anything else. I guess everything's an experiment of some sort, because everything reveals something behind it.

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I totally am going to send you something but I have been too busy to take a new cool picture. Maybe i'll just send you a different one i've already taken :O

Yes, it's fine to send an existing picture. Or take a new one. It's up to you! Thanks!

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