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the big bang end of a year that surprised, inspired, and terrified me
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I woke up at 5:30am this morning with a racing heart and bought a ticket to Boston for this weekend's Barbarian Group party.  Staying at the Sheraton Back Bay as recommended, through Sunday.  There are just too many people that I want to see in this world that will be in the same room at the same time for me to pass it up!  I live for getting a bunch of socially entangled people into a room together and pouring booze on their heads.  Rather than do another Person A through Z entry, I'll just reference this one (protected post, since it has some dirt) and just say that the following highly entangled people will be there: A, D, E, F, I, J.  In addition, a cloud of equally fascinating people surrounding them, new partners, old exes, potential match-ups, secret rivals, future BFFs, several Livejournal friends I've been wanting to meet forever, some that I want to have more than 2 words with, will be there.  I'll be able to better map this out once it's over.  For now I just want to enjoy it.

Those that aren't at the Barbarian Group party will most likely be at Kellianne's Partially-Going-Away karaoke party the following weekend.  And those not there will be at New Years Eve in San Francisco.  And those not there will be at McLeod Residence's 1-year anniversary party on Jan 4th (info coming soon).  It's going to be a doozy of a series!  Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.  Oh yeah, and of course Christmas with Kellianne's huge family in Delaware.

The bounds of the world I live in pretty much.  Incarnated as the invite lists of 5 parties.

What a crazy year.  Bam bam bam bam bam.  And then health month starts on Jan 5th!  You in?  Bam.

At some point, I should reflect.  But not now.  I can't even begin.  

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Say hello to Boston for me!

I'll do health month again. I was pretty successful with it until I had a bad day and fell off the alcohol wagon after the 16th day. I did stick to the food restrictions for the whole month though. It's easy when you work at a restaurant because even though there were a lot of restrictions, I had more healthy options.

Cool, it'll be good to have a Seattle contingent to the health month. You have a strong will too... resisting shots like Jesus resisted Satan last Friday!

nice. we will need to clink glasses at said party.
preferrably before i am totally hosed.

Definitely. I'm getting into Boston pretty early tomorrow morning... what do Bostonians do on a Friday during the day? Don't say WORK. Cause I'm on vacation!

See you in Boston!


Awesome! Are you on the party bus? What time are you getting there?

No I'm taking the train with my girlfriend and Madison McNugget. My girl gets really really carsick so the bus sounded like a nightmare to her. We'll be into the city via train at 7:30 and will dump off the dog at the hotel and then will be at the party by 9ish.


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