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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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The question
f is for fox
Should I or shouldn't I?

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Is there any question? Of *course* you should.

Whether or not I should go to Boston this weekend for the Barbarian Group 6-year anniversary party. *Of course* I'm going!

Well... I think that where Kellianne is concerned, it should always be yes! :)

i will. and i look forward to meeting you!

and i look forward to meeting you!

You should, and if you don't have a ticket yet, let's transfer my itinerary to you, because one of my old relatives died and I can't go.
13 Dec 07 86 Seattle, WA 11:59pm New York, JFK 08:00am +1 0
14 Dec 07 1004 New York, JFK 09:55am Boston, MA 11:20am 0
16 Dec 07 497 Boston, MA 6:15pm Seattle, WA 9:35pm 0

Dang! I bought my ticket using frequent flier miles mere minutes after posting this. Can you get a refund?

No, but it's OK...I can keep most of it as a credit and just fly later.

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