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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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me and kellianne
Even though it's two years old and I'm not going to take any of this advice, I still think it's good.

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But isn't that advice good for everything, all the time?

YES. Well, except when you have found the most awesome person in the world, and don't need to mix it up and create extraordinary problems anymore (at least, in that area... all other areas remain mix-it-up-able).

How are you? Haven't heard much lately... it's time for a drink I think!

But even with SOEAs (Significant Others of Extreme Awesomeness), mixing it up is good. Getting into a rut with someone is even worse than getting into a rut on one's own, I think. But still, there are drama-free ways of keeping life from getting stale.

And drink! Yes! Soon. I'm leaving town on Monday, but maybe before I leave. Or when I get back before NYE? I might come by on Friday, too.

Oh yeah, absolutely. Ruts and takings-for-granted are the ultimate enemy of the awesome life.

I'm meeting Sara at Rendezvous tonight at 6 if you're available on short notice.

I am totally rut-tastic. Maybe that's my 2008 goal. Though I'm pretty sure I've had that one before.

but you're taking the switch it up advice. "if you never thought you'd live with someone you have sex with ever again- SHACK UP!" "never thought you'd ever be happy? GO BI-COASTAL!" "Never thought of having an estate wedding?..." on and on, to happy infinitum.

no rut this year. good gravy! that's for certain.

You make it so easy! But that doesn't mean we won't be constantly on team switch-it-up-and-make-it-happen duty for the rest of our lives.

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