bird poops on plum branch


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bird poops on plum branch
I REALLY wish I was going to the Barbarian Party this Friday in Boston.  I'm totally going next year for sure.

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I'm already coming to NYC on the 21st and taking off work until Jan 3rd, so sadly this extra couple days wasn't possible. You're coming to the karaoke party on the 22nd right?

Oh yeah, I gotta check to see if i'll be in town that weekend!

Let's charter a Seattle party bus next year! Wait, that sounds horrible... :)

How about a party PLANE. :)

Okay, my new year's resolution will be to make a ton of money.

Your userpic makes me think a zeppelin would be best.

I'm making the treck....I hope I get in! :O

you're actually going back to boston?! omg.

i can't believe i won't be there this year.

I put you on the VIP list so you BETTER fuckin come.

woo! train and hotel are booked yo.

Don't worry, the Barbarian Party is coming to you 1/4....

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