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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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the drunk curve
bird poops on plum branch
Nordstrom policys filtered through Jakob Lodwick:
  1. Rule #1: Always use your best judgment.
  2. Rule #2: There will be no further rules.
I like what he's talking about.  Automatic versus conscious.  Using judgment requires being conscious, and it's of course apt that he is talking about this in the context of alcohol since it's traditionally believed that alcohol impairs judgment.  I don't know if I believe that though.  I think alcohol impairs fear and anxiety more than judgment.  It also depends on how drunk. 

As I understand it, the drunk curve has been discovered independently in numerous fields, and scientists and drunks are only now teaming up to try to understand it more fully.  It's like, after 2-3 drinks you can play a pretty good game of pool.  Or excel at bowling.  Or have an excellent conversation.  Or solve an important problem.  The illusion of continued performance gain might last a few more drinks as well, but in reality it begins to slip after 3-4 drinks and we all know how the curve ends.  Under a table, or maybe on the bar.

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i have to say, i usually take better pictures after a drink or two.

drunken (in)competence

If you believe the
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If you believe the <a href-"http://www.nwdance.net/4_stages.html">4 Stages of Mastery</a> theory...

fear/anxiety vs. judgement

I think fear and anxiety are often confused with judgment. What policy and habit does is turn off thinking (and feeling, etc). So if you don't trust your future self to be able to think for itself I guess policy can be useful.

Maybe one instance is packing the night before you leave on a trip because you know your asleep self will forget your passport the next morning.

A book by T H White in which he describes waking up at 4 AM as something like being a robot mindlessly obeying the instructions of his awake self the night before.

Personally I don't drink much because it impairs my ability to not puke before it impairs less desirable things.

btw I like your tag cloud

Re: fear/anxiety vs. judgement

Yeah, this is why I have no hard and dry morals. Morals are just policies that people pretend are enforced in some unreachable lalaland.

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