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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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I can't believe I'm not hungover
bird poops on plum branch
That's Sedea

Accidentally texting numbers that are one digit off of your friends' numbers is fun.  Now I know there's a 45 year old man in Spokane that wants me to hook him up with my girlfriends.  We texted all last night, and even drunk-dialed him after midnight.  Last message this morning is, "I m single any nice women there?  Any available women u could set me up with?"  What should I respond with?  Actually, nevermind, I just replied with "What's your type?"

I'm not very good with a digital camera.  I take lots of bad pictures, then lose the camera.  I need a photography mission.  Something to constrain my choice of photos.  There's just too much freedom in this art form.  It paralyzes.  Someone give me a mission.

I'm also fascinated by Jakob and Julia.  I found them via a link olamina sent me.  Then I learned that Jakob is roommates with Reggie Watts in New York.  I want to be their friends.  I'm this close to starting a relationship blog on Tumblr, even though all the signs say that it might not be a great idea.  It's not about good or bad ideas really, it's about... something else.

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I was disappointed to discover that Jakob and Julia were only had their web site as of Nov. 18. How much dirt can you generate in less than a month?

Yeah, I was disappointed about that too, when I went all the way to the beginning and it was only like the third page.

It seems like they gave up on it really fast.

Maybe this is colored by knowing that it only lasted for five tumblr pages or knowing that gawker tirelessly documented their pre-relationship weblog relationship's ups and downs, but reading it from start to finish, it seemed clear that it was a trainwreck waiting to be documented from the first post. Almost that (at least one of them) knew that things wouldn't work, but that they wanted to make a show of it failing.

I wrote to Julia and she says that the experiments going to continue after all. I'm asking her for advice, for kicks.

I think I've decided not to do this after all, but I like thinking about it.

Camera mission: Great things

You would be helping me with one of my plans.

I like that! I'll try it and see if it works.

What's your plan? And how many of them are there?

YES! (fist in the air)

My plan involves teaching my young protegees how to pursue greatness, and how to decide for themselves what is great. We're going through, genre by genre, and looking at examples of things that are widely considered to be great, and trying to figure out why. What characteristics do books that are on the "great books" lists share?, etc. The characteristics themselves say things about the people who value them. So, if I get a bunch of pictures of things that you think are great, we can look at them and try to analyze what characteristics they share, and then try to make predictions about what kind of person values those characteristics. I was going to take my own pictures, but it'll be better if the pictures come from a person they don't already know.

I have bajillions of plans! Planning is my job!

Ugh Jakob and Julia. Do not feed the media whores.

1. I love/hate the gross face I'm making in that picture.

2. Jakob's tumblog convinced be to try tumblr. I can't remember how I found it.

Nooo. They are so obnoxious.

OK BBMcL I've got a good photo assignment for you. Do a series where you are the paparazzi and the people you're photographing must react to the paparazzi. You can even do them in series of three or four- 1. I see you, you realize you've been seen. 2. In shock that you persist after spotted!? Must I stop you myself?!! 3. Direct action must be taken!!!
Or something like that.
I did it one time with some friends out here and it was so much fun. Really really fun if you have something like continuous shooting mode on your camera.

for a 'non-role-playing' assignment, why don't you try photographing the elderly? who knows it might eventually result in a bridging of the two assignments if the elderly person you're photographing is curmudgeonly and reacts to you like the paparazzi without even being prompted.
stalk the elderly like wildlife. spot them and study them and their ways like a naturalist. catalog and inventory them. or just take their photo. for best results, and if you're bold... ask them if you can take their photo, and then get a frame-filling headshot.

I've never heard of the Jakob and Julia blog, but after following the link realized I've seen pictures of them on an internet friend's Flickr. I guess he works with Jakob, or something.

The internet is a small world.

Julia Allison is the faux internet celebrity that Gawker is super obsessed with. I think it didn't last long because Gawker was covering it relentlessly so internet harassers maybe started harassing? Who knows. I love that Reggie Watts is roommates with that guy. My friend from grad school's brother did a project with Reggie Watts via phone (I was listening to the album a couple years ago and was like "wait, is that Reggie Watts?" and then told the slow-running Madison Beach story that is forever my favorite). It's funny that he lives here now, I think he's my Friendster and I've heard he does stand up on the lower east side but that was a while ago now.

This is also why living in New York is awesome -- it's hard to take celebrity seriously when you have 2 or less degrees of separation from everyone.

i'm an acquaintance of jakobs. he is interesting in that his entire life is out there for the world to dissect. i didn't know about this blog. huh. i'll have to read it.

FWIW I think your documentation and living in public is already 15,000 times more interesting than theirs will ever be.

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