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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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the 16-hour bad mood
bird poops on plum branch
My mood was all over the map today.  I woke up from dreams about crazy body-building children in arena stadiums with charity fund-raisers to urgent information from Kellianne and somehow between the sleepy cracks a poison seeped in and I was sent on a good 16-hour bad mood spree.  I couldn't small talk, I couldn't get anything done, my normal self-medication attempts of coffee and carbs didn't work... what am I supposed to do?

What is it about a bad mood that wants the bad mood to continue?  That masochistically eggs itself on to greater heights until it burns out from its own exhaustion?  Every mood is in a way a self-propogating meme... there's something enjoyable in every mood that, however negative, builds momentum and taunts self-destruction.  Isn't there?  Is it just me? 

Then, mysteriously, around 10pm, the bad mood disappeared.  Now I'm in a great mood.  With a new idea.  Good night!

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today's gonna be awesome!

weird bbmcl, i had a healthy bad-mood run over that same period of time. i knew i needed to put my mood in check when i actually slightly regretted that my wallet had not just been misplaced, and wished it had been stolen. talk about a bad mood wanting fuel for itself. sick little mood. i'm doing good today- i'm sure that you'll follow as synchronicity would dictate. upon reading the last line i see that you're there. good! i came up with some good new projects too; one that i think you're really going to like! and it may involve you!

I think all extreme moods are weirdly enjoyable because they make you feel more alive. I also think that the secret turning point of a bad mood is the moment you realize you're in one, because then you can start egging yourself on. Up until then, it's just a dull headache. Afterwards, you can start self-medicating and throwing your Nalgene bottle across the room and stomping around and being grumpy with people, which are actually sorta fun things to do.

I'm glad your bad mood disappeared, though.

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