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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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things I like part 1
bird poops on plum branch
I like Gmail's new colored labels.

I like this squid art opening that McLeod Residence is throwing this Friday. I hope you can come.

I wish I went to this Christmas party.

I like Arrested Development Season Two so far.

I like the seafood hot pot at Oasis Cafe.  Giving it another try after having shunned it for a year as Slow-asis.  Now it's mostly Empty-asis with bad music and good seafood hot pot.

I like nights in by myself once in a while.

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I've enjoyed Oasis the couple times I've been, but definitely empty and bad music. I guess I should just hoof it to Hana when I want stuff like that.

I always hated Oasis when I worked up there.

Re: Christmas Party Wishes
Wait til you see the photos I took with my fancy camera. They'll be up tomorrow. SO MUCH RED!!!

man i have been waiting FOREVER to be able to make colored labels. i really can't believe it took so freaking long!

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