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lost without Lost
bird poops on plum branch
Okay I watched all three seasons of Lost in about 3 weeks.  I wanna talk about that last episode.... anyone have old LJ posts to link me to? 

I'm reading the wikipedia page and learning a lot about the show.  Like the fact that Charlie and Hugo's characters were created for the actors after they tried out for Sawyer.  And that Sun originally tried out for Kate.  And that Jack was supposed to die in the pilot.  And that J.J. Abrams was hired to create a show that was a blend of Lord of the Flies, Cast Away, and Survivor.  I always thought it was X Files and Gilligan's Island myself.  Damon Lindelof was the original creator of the show and he was temporarily fired by ABC before the pilot even aired because he spent way too much money and took too large of a risk on the show (it was the most expensive pilot ever, at, some guess, $14 million).  He has an interesting take on the writer's strike here.  I didn't realize he's only 34.

There are 48 episodes left, 16 per season for the next three seasons (Feb-May 2008, 2009, 2010).  We may have to wait longer if the strike lasts more than another month or so.  I've said this already, but I really think television is going to go through a big change in the next couple years, and that, in the end, it's going to come out stronger than it has ever been before.  Stronger and better, with better writing, better shows, better treatment of its creators and consumers, better business model, etc.  All around better.  And Lost and shows like Lost will have a something to do with it all.

I like reading about the speculation around Lost.  Especially theories that have been discredited by its creators.  According to wikipedia, none of these things is true:
  • Everyone is dead and this is some kind of weird purgatory or hell
  • It's all taking place in Hugo (or someone else's) insane mind
  • There are aliens or space ships involved
  • It's a twisted reality show ala Truman Show
  • The monster on the island is a nanobot cloud ala Michael Crichton's book Prey (which I've read and enjoyed)
My questions (don't read further if you don't know how the last episode of season three ended):
  1. I want to know who was dead in the future in the last episode.  Did someone's cancer come back?  A pregnancy go bad?  What are the other theories?
  2. Does anyone really think they can leave the island?  Could the future flash forward have been Desmond's? 
  3. Why did Charlie close the door and give in to death so easily?  He should've at least shot up one last time, right?
  4. Isn't Ben the most interesting character?
  5. Did anyone pause the show to see what Jacob looked like?  I guess so!
  6. This theory is amusing.

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if you want REAL answers, go to

and i can talk to you about that last episode to your hearts content. i fucking love this show so much, i'd probably be willing to get a dharma tattoo.

Awesome. That's the site I was looking for. So do YOU think you know who died in the future?

im going to guess it is a yet-to-be-named character named J. Latham.

Damon Lindelof wasn't the one that got fired, that was Lloyd Braun, head of ABC at that time!

Oh, oops. My mistake.

wasn't Lloyd Braun a minor character on Seinfeld?

*nods* From LostPedia:

The character Lloyd Braun on the sitcom Seinfeld is named after Braun, who was the manager and lawyer of that show's creator, Larry David.

Any theory I come up with for of what might be happening on the show leaves me hoping I'm wrong. I don't want it to be magic or purgatory or a reality show or a hallucination and I just hope that the writers come up with something great. Really, though, what I want is for the producers would just suck it up and pay the writers what they deserve. I want some more LOST.

I thought season 3 was very strong and I enjoyed parts of the last episode, especially charlie's last act: "Not Penny's Boat" -- the copyeditor in me loved how succinct and to the point that was. However, I was REALLY bummed by the future stuff and the prospect of having to watch more episodes with Oxy-addict Jack thrashing around. One episode of that was enough. So I'm a bit concerned about next season, but I will still be watching.

1. I thought it was Ben. It was such a small casket, and he's a small guy.
4. I prefer Claire. She's so complicated!

I too hope the next season won't focus on Jack too much. He's already hogged too much of the attention. Once he's a (more) broken man, I hope someone else will step up. He's sort of parallel to Ben in some ways... the leader gets overthrown. The show was originally intended to be more focused on female leadership (Kate was supposed to be the leader), and I hope the new candidate is Juliet... knowing both sides, but more manipulative and interesting than Kate.

oh yeah, I meant Juliet for #4, not Claire. I got the blondes confused. it's been so long! I agree the Kate/Jack story has been overdone; it would be great to see some of the minor players come forward.

I'm also hoping for more Rousseau

i'm really glad you corrected that! the claire reference confused the heck out of me.

yeah, Claire's a twit. How will she survive without Charlie hovering over her?

more lost theory

i really felt like the show went downhill, but still felt compelled to watch it

i hate jack. he should've died and stayed dead :P

I agree that Jack is lame. John's annoying me too. Kate and Juliet should run the island. I like Ben too, even though he's mean... his issues are more interesting than the other mens'.

I got completely obsessed with this show, especially during the second season when ABC started the interactive online game.

I haven't really been keeping up on news or rumors since the last season ended, but I heard that in the upcoming season, there are going to be more flash forwards along with the flashbacks, which I think means they most definitely were able to leave the island.

I've always disliked Jack, but the majority of men that watch the show seem to have a mancrush on him and I don't get it.

I think it was Juliet who died in that flash forward episode, because Kate said something like, "why would i go to that wake?" or something, and the only person i could think of that she hates and jack would cry over is Juliet.

You should definitely look at and check out some messageboards ( for some other interesting theories and things you may have missed while watching.

And also, wtf is up with the 4 toe'd foot?!

1. I agree with Judi - she's persuaded me, I think it's ben.
2. I believe they can leave the island, and will.
3. That really bothered me too. I would have fought. I feel like he should have.
4. No, he's annoying. Actually, they're all pretty annoying, save charlie and hurley (he's my favorite).

I try not to make myself to crazy trying to figure out the whole theory of the Island

Sometimes it's just fun to enjoy the ride.
Hurley is by far my favorite character. He has just accepted that they are stuck there and he has made the best of it. Plus all(most) of his bad luck has stopped :)
Thanks for the links.
I have watched the show since the beginning and never missed one.
Remember in the training film, there was a man looking out the window in a white suit. That could be Jacob Shepard ,Jack's Dad, Christian Shepard's twin brother. There was the episode, I think it was called, White Rabbit when Jack thought he saw his Father in the Jungle, dressed in a white suit. It could have been Jacob?! HUM!!??
The reason Charlie Died is because I'm pretty sure he is set to play Tin Tin in Steven Spielberg's & Peter Jackson upcoming new "Film": it's just a hunch but wiki said that Dominic Monaghan & Billy Boyd were working on a script together and they both were Hobbit in LOTR. He would be a perfect Tin Tin. Our Belgian Neighbour turned us on to the comics. They are going to film it just like Beowulf in CGI.
CropTillDawn from 43 Things

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