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bird poops on plum branch

Can anyone explain what E8 is to me?  Sounds really interesting and completely incomprehensible.  248 dimensions?  Somehow related to the theory of everything that explains electromagnatism, the strong force, the weak force, AND the ever elusive force of gravity.  The Telegraph has an interesting article about it but it doesn't really explain what it's all about other than that it's somehow related to surfing.  Anyone able to understand the wikipedia article better than me? 

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It's possible you can find some more consumable information here .

In the very least, it will be more eloquent than the Wikipedia article...

Ask crackeoto next time you see him. He likes numbers.

...And you can download and read his actual submission here .

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wow, that really was an awesome explanation .

from a cursory glance at garrett lisi's submission entitled "an exceptionally simple theory of everything" , i've gathered that within the context of a four dimensional manifold ( matrix of space-time ), he has unified both the geometry based theory of relativity and quantum mechanics in order to describe, "predict" and apply properties such as spin, vector, wobble, speed and context ( wave like/particle like ) to subatomic matter . he's unified these things by uniting the complex equations of other scientists in a fairly uncomplicated manner .

the author isn't describing 248 dimensions, he's describing the geometry of a polygon with 248 relationships between edges . the really cool thing, if you visit , is the way dr. lisi is able to isolate and apply these properties of gravity and quantum potential in such an orderly fashion ! there are a few potential issues with the paper, but i think this will be more important in the pursuit of a GUT than not . i don't understand all of this stuff ( i stopped mathematics at calculus II ), but it still seems fairly interesting and exciting .

pick up some david bohm, he had some similar concepts of ToE unification expressed in layman's terms . the dalai lama considered him one of his scientific gurus .

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