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rental juggling
bird poops on plum branch
So after trying a thousand different options, it looks like it's going to cost us $225 to rent a Ford Taurus for one day and take it from La Guardia to Wilmington, DE. And then, switching cars and car rental companies in Wilmington, we're going to make the rest of the way for only $570, also in a Ford Taurus. This American-made car will take care of us through the middle of the country. We're going to have 5 and a half days to get from Wilmington to San Francisco, where we'd like to spend New Year's Eve (is there anything being planned over there SF peeps?). And then another couple days to make it up in time for McLeod's 1-year anniversary party and show opening on the 4th. And then, all of 2008 and beyond!

A 3,980 mile trip currently goes through Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Omaha, Boulder, Salt Lake City, Sacremento, San Francisco, and Portland. Who lives somewhere along here?

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omg yay yay yay, please come to SF for NYE!!! perhaps *i* will even host a party if you guys do! w00t!

also, i have tons of peeps in chicago.

we seem to be starting an nye tradition!

i love traditions! especially when they involve AWESOME PEOPLE!

Venessa and I might be in SF for NYE!

i still think you're a little crazy for spending all that money on renting a car when you could spend so much less and have an adventure on craigslist. but i know not everyone is like me and gets off on the spontaneousness of that ;) has cool random people who are willing to be tour guides

ah. unfortunately we don't have time to be spontanious! couch surfing is pretty awesome, though!

Yeah if we had twice as much time and didn't have a bunch of stuff to carry across the country I'd totally be up for the spontaneous couch surfing. In fact, once we figure out our route and know when we'll be in certain cities, it might be worth it to try the site. Have you done this?

we will be in switzerland over nye, sadly. well, actually i'm not even a little bit sad about it! but ya know...sad we'll miss you guys.

my brother and his gf who are awesome live in columbus ohio. if you want a place to crash or someone to have dinner with, let me know and i'll try to hook you up! it's about 2 hours south of where you're planning to drive through, though. my ny ---> sf drive was on a very different route than yours. i also had a bit more time, though...

Taha lives in Pittsburg and has a whole house and would definitely host you guys.

Will she still be there? It would definitely be good to see her.

Hmm, good question. I know she is spending the holidays in Seattle.

Hmmm. I wasn't sure if I'd still be here for NYE, but now I'm thinking that might be my last hurrah, and I'll leave on the 1st or 2nd. Let's plan something FABULOUS! (If I happen to not have all my stuff packed up then, you guys are welcome to crash w/ me, but I hope to be pretty packed up by then-)
Also, I know peeps in Chicago and Boulder who would could probably put you up! Let me know...

Yes! I knew you'd be into the idea. I think we should find a good party or throw one ourselves and start looking asap! Who are the motivated and connected party people? Other than you and Ali of course.

will and aubs would probably have some good ideas... it'd be nice for a bunch of us to get our own space at a bar- unfortunately i couldn't take on the party planning though, due to being overwhelmed as it is w/ moving planning.

Wow. I've done every part of that drive except the CA to WA part.

i've done all of it except that dip into colorado.

my advice: find amish food before you leave pennsylvania, see the mattress factory and the tom museum in pittsburgh, don't drive over the speed limit in ohio, stay as far as possible from chicago and gary indiana traffic, mitchell SD is the best place in the world and probably better than nebraska, nevada is so boring -- think of car games, ford tauruses suck -- try for a free upgrade at the rental place.

have fun!

are you moving actually stuff by car or shipping it? i imagine shipping, no? otherwise it seems dodgy to leave stuff in a car on the streets of san fran.

this is probably all moot.

We're shipping most of the stuff and just bringing clothes and maybe plants in the car. But yeah, we're still worried about break ins and will have to be careful about that.


It is spelled with an H on the end. There is a story behind that:

I also have an ex-girlfriend there that I'm sure would be interesting to hang out with. I'm serious too. I'm sure she'll take you out and show yinz a good ol' Pittsburgh time.


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