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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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clever cat or stupid human?
bird poops on plum branch
I've gained 3 pounds since starting my slow weights and healthification process.  I feel good.  I celebrated with an eggnog latte which seems to have just come out today at some places. 

I also bought Sopor a Clevercat litter box, which is basically just a bucket with a hole on top.  I totally got upsold at the pet store, but now I'm curious to see if Sopor figures it out.  So far, she tried it out, then bolted out at top speed and hid upstairs.  When I wondered out loud at the pet store about whether or not my cat was clever enough for Clevercat, the salesperson said, "Well did you raise her?" To which I replied, "No." And then she said, "Well maybe she isn't clever enough then."

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Sopor's first mommy and second mommy protest to that comment. She's very clever!!

She does hate change, though. BUT... once the change is in place, she doesn't take too long forgetting her old ways.

You are one of the only changes I've seen her adapt to seamlessly. You and your little ways...

Right now she just wants lots of hugs. I think the cleverbox might remind her a little of her cat carrier = SCARY.

OMG put her collar on and throw her a late scream fest!! you won't have to see her for days after that - it'll be hilarious.

i'm sure she's clever enough, but it might have been a bigger step than she was ready for.

when we toilet trained the cats it involved several small steps to get them there.

yeah, i would have maybe left the lid off for a few days. but, honestly, she'll be fine with this. She'll figure it out. It won't mess with her head like a toilet would.

man. so cool that your cats are toilet trained! how old were they when you taught them? how long did it take? i've done some reading but my cat is so tiny and spookable that i worry about her falling in a little.

Oooh, I want that. My cats track litter everywhere. Putting the cat in it without the lid on makes sense. I bet my cats will use it!

i totally just ordered one of these. it may solve a big longstanding cat problem! thanks, buster, for the idea! i'll keep you posted...

Awesome. Sopor adapted to it no problem! The first few times I could tell she was a little nervous about it all though cause she would dart out at top speed, run upstairs, and talk about what just happened for a few minutes, loudly. Now, it's old hat.

god, i love cats so much.

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