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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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image googling my exes
bird poops on plum branch
In the spirit of lele's image googling of exes meme </span>I thought I'd search the world wide interwebnet for pictures of my exes.  The results, you shall see, are simply astounding. 

My kindergarten girlfriend whom I ultimately won over due to my superior tether ball skillz (much to the disappointment of my best friend, david) is still as chrystalline as ever.  I remember that lip diameter oh so well.

My first grade girlfriend... I saw this coming even from across Mrs. Turner's class as we made Mother's Day picture frames out of painted macaroni.  I guess the other monk was better suited for her.

Who woulda thought she would turn out this well after trying to swallow all those pills as we broke up with our feet dangling into the artificial blue waters of North Lake?

My first true heart break. 

And my last.


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hey, what about your prom date?

Hm... my prom date seems to have gone into a time (and ethnicity) warp. Must've been that hippy's bus we took:

what, that's not me! don't you recognize me here?

Hey is that me on the right with my tongue sticking out? How embarrassing! Eddie Tsai still looks exactly the same.

we sure were more asian back then ;)

hammer horror relationships NEVER work out!

Don't make me cry on my livejournal! I've always been a fool for a woman in terrifying technicolor.

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