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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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art and six degrees of separation
bird poops on plum branch
Person A and Person B get divorced in 2003.

Person B and Person C move to New York City.

Person C and Person D kinda sorta date for a while.

Person D introduces Person C to Person E.

Person E introduces Person C to Person F.

Person B marries Person G.

Person F becomes good friends with Person B and Person G.

Person C moves to California, then back to Seattle.

Person A and Person C start an art gallery and bar.

Person E is an investor in the art gallery and bar, called McLeod Residence.

Person E flies Person F out to Seattle for an opening.

Person A and Person F meet, fall in love, and get engaged.

Person C curates a show of Person B's paintings at McLeod Residence.

Person B and Person G are in town for the opening this week.

That show's opening, called Fixed Value, is this Thursday (for members) and Friday (for everyone).

If you're in Seattle, definitely try to come. Friday might be the better of the two nights if you can only come to one. Witness some great art, and also some great social network intricacies. For what it's worth, Person A and Person B are getting along pretty great at the moment. And Person A does think the show is going to be excellent.

(For the sake of "simplicity", Person A left out a bunch of other weird connections in this story.)

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I got lost at like, "Person C and D date for a while."

Perhaps it's best I come back and read it again, when I'm not feeling the effects of a bottle of wine... ;-)

that's because person C and D were just fucking.


YOU should have written the member email.

Nah, yours was better. This only makes sense to about 3 people. :)

This should be drawn out as a diagram and hung at the show.

I'm SO excited my 'one night only' in Seattle is this Friday!

Oh my g-o-d! Mee tooooooooo! Yay. When do you come in? Where are you staying? Ectoplasm.

You should have included Sami in there somewhere (or you did and i just didn't catch it?!). After all, it is an EX-hibit.

Person D wishes he could make it to Seattle this weekend.

he forgot to include that person F became good friends with person D too!

yes indeed! this definitely demanded annotation!

Man I totally couldn't fallow that one but I think Im not involved oh wait I got it! woo! I was gonna feel lonely. ;)

I hope the opening went swimmingly.

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