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bird poops on plum branch

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I'm not very good at Halloween. It stresses me out. I'm not a good costume-maker or even costume-comer-upper. But the last couple years I tried to rally and do something that at least "passes". This year I was going to be myself as a ghost, or "ghost Buster" but I didn't know if a ghost me would have white hair, or blue hair, and anyway, wigs are too expensive and they don't really make boy-hair wigs. I did like the idea of being all dressed in white though, and when I ended up stealing Clarita's hat the other night I decided I'd be a hipster polar bear spirit animal ghost. It passed. Hanging out with Andy and Ingo was fun because Andy had a CRAZY costume that everyone loved.  And Ingo was a sexy hobosexual hoboerotic and I got to bop people with her bindle.

One highlight of the night was my long interview with someone dressed as a Seattle Times reporter. I was talking about sea creatures and politics and didn't realize she was a real reporter until much later when we were doing whippets in a party bus with her.

Another highlights was this free chicken. I hadn't eaten all night. Up until then people didn't know if I was a polar bear or a baby seal. I figured that I would either drown in whiskey or get clubbed and either way it would be fun. But everyone knows that only polar bears eat chickens.

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I feel your pain about Halloween, but I guess it's nice that you're still into the party element. I can't even get it up for that.

I guess you coulda been Panda Vince from The Mighty Boosh but then, I guess, only supersuave Anglophiles would get it...but I guess a panda still translates dspite the hipster leanings.

i dunno. you just look like home to me.

Halloween stresses me out too. Seriously.

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