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flickr tag downloader
bird poops on plum branch
Does anyone know if there's a tool out there that will download all of the photos from Flickr that have a certain tag regardless of who posted it?  Seems like a simple request (I don't care if it only downloads photos that have the appropriate Creative Commons license) but I can't find anything anywhere that does this.

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I've done something similar, you should be able to write a script that uses the flickr api
My home computer is mad at the power outage last week, so I can't give you your script, but this looks like a good batch download script to copy:
and the ruby library:

I wrote something like this to find CC licensed pictures of cats! (see: Look here!

I was wanting to do this for something a while ago and found a couple of really janky Windows apps that sort of worked, but nothing at all for Mac.

I'm not sure which of those was better, but neither were great.

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