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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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new workout ideas
bird poops on plum branch
There should be an LJ filter where people could opt themselves out.  So, I could make a fitness filter and people who read it could click a link somewhere in the post to opt themselves out of future posts about it.  Much easier than creating an opt-in friends filter.  Oh well.  I wonder if it would be possible to make something with that with their API... actually probably not without having to go through authentication each time.

Anyway, I'm going to post health stuff for a while I think.  It might be boring.  But maybe not.  So, starting officially today Oct 17th, I'm going to focus on health through the new year.  What exactly this means, I don't know.  For now, I'm just going to talk the talk as I build momentum.   I went to the gym tonight and tried a few new things.  I'm not going to do the treadmill anymore.  It's a half-hour and I don't think it's worth the bang for the buck at this point.  I'm going to focus on building strength.  Right now, I think that means learning more about slow weights.  There's a recommended club for slow weights that does 1-2 20-minute sessions a week with a personal trainer and is very popular amongst busy nerds like me.  I've scoffed at it for a couple years but think I may give it a try (I get three free sessions since I come referred by Daniel).  Anyone do this or know anything about it?  Also, instead of treadmills, I'm going to keep doing jumprope.  10 minutes jumping rope is about equal to 30 minutes of running, and also exercises more parts of your body.  And is more fun.

Together, cutting out treadmill and doing slow weights and jump rope means I could dress, go to the gym, do the workout, and arrive back home within an hour.  Then, shower, eat something delicious, and head out for the night.  I could almost see myself doing that regularly.  Almost.  And I'm going to talk myself into doing it right here.  Bam.

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I'm interested in reading your progress...I'm getting myself on a similar path.

oh cool we're on the same path. except mine is all full of spiritual enlightenment mumbo jumbo! let's see who gets awesomely buff, first. and let's see who has an emotional phd, first. ahem.

Is it X-Gym that does the slow stuff you're talking about? I have been intrigued by that but haven't tried it. And you know I will always read the fitness stuff. ;)

The one I know about is called Super Slow Zone:


I've been reading a lot about it, and it seems pretty legit. Basically, that pushing your muscles to the point of failure, and then letting them rebuild themselves over the next couple days, is the easiest way to build strength. It doesn't necessarily make you have super giant muscles though, or at least not the kind you get from fast weight training. At least, that seems to be the gist I'm getting so far.

Yeah, I've seen that place. I think it's worthy, but no one should completely quit cardio for it, of course. But if I find a place where I can do BodyPump, I'll probably never get around to it.

Do it and inspire me to get back into it. I totally failed just because my workouts were talking too long.

The gym you speak of intrigues me, but I've not heard of it.

It's on Olive and Boylston... I'll let you know how it goes, and refer you if it's any good.

Ever since starting to run outside with coworkers/friends, I have vowed to never go back to the treadmill. It sucks! I think weights at the gym can be awesome, but the treadmill is lame.

My identity workout is running outside 2-3 times a week, and yoga 1-2 times a week.

it's such a different experience, isn't it? I dreaded running on the treadmill, but I really looked forward to running once I started going outside.

I envy all of you who can run right now!

I have a strange love for the treadmill... probably cause I grew up in the suburbs and ran around tracks for so many years. I love monotony and can't even watch tv on a treadmill. I love running in place. But it just doesn't get my heart rate high enough fast enough, and it doesn't tire me out enough to justify 30 whole minutes of work.

I love running outside too, but only if it doesn't require many decisions to be made. No stoplights, intersections, forks in road. Ideally, running down the bike path through Myrtle Edwards Park to the marina. Or the Birke Gilman.

I am a weightlifter and I have never had of this slow weights business. I don't like slow workouts so I don't think I'd be into it, but I must know what it's all about, so I can proceed to debunk!

I'm looking for some good articles to send you to debunk. I'm on it!

Here's one that's sort of pre-debunked:

Workout Revolution: Is Eight Minutes Of Weights All You Need?

does it mean we're getting old when we exercise to get energy? i have been seriously considering returning to the gym just so i can grab on to an endorphin high and roll with it.

I think it means that we're more aware of how different things affect our moods. I mean, years of caffeine, alcohol, food, exercise, smoke breaks, naps, sugar rushes, and carb comas have given us the ability to know how to self-medicate a lot better than we did years ago.

you're right. of course i like to ignore the effects of most things i torture my poor body with. these days i am focusing on taking my daily vitamin and getting proper sleep that starts before midnight. it actually does wonders. next week it will be exercise that involves more than pushups (girl-style of course) and situps and stretching. look out cardio!

it sounds like slow weights (never heard of it) might be a good fat burning idea and really good for strength in people that don't normally lift weights. it would be harder to get injured. i don't agree with the treadmill not being enough, but i am biased about running. ;) can't wait to hear how it is going.

I am biased about running too. Running is pretty much the only thing that kept me going to the gym all these years. I don't really enjoy weight machines. But I'm really enjoying jump rope now, so that will help replace my running bias for now. And, saving time is also a great motivator.

my boyfriend, an exercise physiologist and physical therapist, LOVES jumping rope for calorie burning and cardiovascular workout. he does 10 reps of 100 every day over the winter. and he's really into slow weights too.

btw, i totally agree that there should be opt-out filters on LJ too. although I def want to hear about fitness.

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