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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
Also, as part of Kellianne's birthday celebration, I promised to become a Philadelphia Eagles fan.  Now, I know they're a football team, but that's about it.  Sports hasn't been an interest of mine since I gave away my Ricky Henderson rookie card in junior high to Eddie Yoshida('s disbelief).  What do people interested in a particular team use to stay informed about their team these days?  Do people still rely on the sports section of the paper?  What about online?  Should I just start watching season 74 of this sporty soap opera until I know all the characters and their quirks?  What are good sites to help you follow a particular team?  Surely Web 2.0 has come up with something for this task as well?  I'm not kidding about this, I really do wanna start following this team.  I equate it to becoming Jewish in order to gain acceptance with the family.

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I can, and do, read the sports page, albeit irregularly.

SI.com (the Sports Illustrated folks) and espn.com are dedicated to the stuff. All NFL teams have their own websites as well, which detail all the minutiae and goings-on related to each team.

...and some cable networks have an option where you can have access to all programs related to the Eagles.

I think.

Well, they do for the Steelers, so I imagine that's an equal opportunity type thing, no?

Another easy way to get into the spirit of things is to join a fantasy football league. Might be a bit late now to start from scratch, but I'm sure there are similar methods still available at this point in the season. :)

I'd say just read the headlines on the espn.com football page (assuming they haven't changed much since last year - i haven't read anything since january 1st - you know about my year free from sports fandom, right?). i was also a fan of Deadspin, which I think you might actually enjoy from time to time.

In any event, it's much more fun than becoming Jewish, I promise.

my parents are going to smash you with love. and beer cheers when the eagles win!! e-a-g-l-e-s!

Sports are largely a manifestation of shame associated with closet homoerotic proclivities when they're not an outdated artifact of the principles of male "display" and the need to assert domination in order to secure a mate.

I'm Kidding! Sports are awesome! Sites like the above mentioned ESPN.com and SI.com are good, but as with everything else in the world, you'll learn a lot more about the Eagles from message boards than sanctioned news sites. Check out Deadspin.com and do a google search for terms "Philidelphia," "Eagles," and "message boards." You should find out some interesting info. Also, I've found that if a significant other has an interest in a sports team that isn't necessarily shared, it helps to bet on the team to increase your interest.

this is hilarious, because I too have become a Buffalo Bills fan by proxy. then I discovered how hot Tom Brady is, and even though he's on another team, I'm hooked. so much masculinity, testosterone and homoeroticism! It's fascinating.

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