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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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"Road To Health" take five
bird poops on plum branch
My trial and error approach to my ongoing Road To Health(tm) is changing once again.  My flirtation with being a vegetarian, I think, is officially over.  I'm gonna eat meat when I'm craving it.  Mostly, that means seafood.  Sometimes, when it's part of a salad, it means chicken.  Foie gras and Chilean sea bass are of course legal too.  Anything illegal or immoral is legal.

I'm gonna start going to the gym again.  With McLeod and my rather enthusiastic social schedule throughout the spring and summer, I've had trouble juggling.  I can only do three balls, and for less than 10 seconds.  Seriously.  Plus, there are so many things going on and I feel like I can't get into an exercise routine.  But, with fall and winter, Mondays and Wednesdays are the new days of health which will mean going to the gym after work, and if dodgeball calls after that, then dodgeball calls. 

My jump-roping apparently upset my downstairs neighbors, so that's out unless I wanna go on my roof and that would make me feel a little silly cause my neighbors are always up there. 

My goals in all of this are to simply be healthier.  I don't need to lose weight, but I do need to lose some lazy fat.  And I need to feel stronger and have a higher average energy level.  I don't need to become more manic, or happier, necessarily, because I have plenty of those things... I just want to have more energy to get more stuff done in a given day.

I wish I could make this into more of a game.  Or a social thing.  Anyone want to join health kick 2007 with me?  What are the best nerdy web 2.0 health sites out there to track and enjoy the healthy life with?  Anyone use Traineo or PeerTrainer or know of something better?

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> I don't need to lose weight, but I do need to lose some lazy fat.

I hear you there... I've found that doing classes at the Y has been a great way to get my act together. They don't have many, so if I miss one, I miss it for the week.

i want to join health kick 2007 with you! can't you come up with some fancy shmancy robot co op social networking workout club website?

now that would be amazing.

Haha... well, Traineo.com and Peertrainer.com both have these social networking exercise features, maybe we could use one of those! Okay, I just sent you an invite to our group.

i never got the invite!

send it again to: joanna dot balsamo at mac dot com


deal me in. i definitely don't need to lose any weight, but i need to give ye ole bloodpump a good workout on a regular basis and polish up the guns. i'm not sure if that includes a gym or not, but i still want to play. and to be held accountable as i succeed.

What gym do you go to? I want to leave my current one (Allstar) at the end of the month.

Seattle Athletic Club in Pike Place Market. They're good and big and usually empty (what I prefer)... but a little expensive ($75-$100/month).

holy crap you are so helping to bust my ass into crazy shape when i move to seattle!!!

Yeah, and you'll be the one to finally get me going to yoga regularly!

Don't know if you run, but Nike+iPod and its associated social site is actually really good.

That's always sounded interesting to me too, but I hate running.

i think the most important part is finding exercise that you enjoy doing. i enjoy bikram yoga. i derive a stupid amount of energy from it, and it evens me out psychologically, too. best of luck in your searh.

i'm in for health kick 2007... maybe 2008 if i get that far. surprisingly, i'm being inspired by my sudden mysterious loss of four dress sizes with no help whatsoever from me. i feel like i need to pay someone back for it.

oh, and look better naked. that's good too.

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