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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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In Rainbows
f is for fox
I know some people think Radiohead suck.  I think they're pretty awesome, actually.  Because they are who they are, and their music makes my skin tingle.  I might be music dumb, but even dumb people can be happy.  I don't know why I'm self-conscious about my musical tastes... I'll stop now.  Their latest album is self-released and they have a thing that lets you decide how much you wanna pay for it.  Which, means that you have the power.  As you always did.

Pay for it.

Or get it for free from my server.

My favorite tracks are, right now, tracks 1-3, but it might just be because I've heard them the most so far.  They all seem pretty solid and layered and beautiful to me... but I'm also in a great mood right now so everything seems solid and layered and beautiful to me.

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i paid $10 US for it & have listened four times so far. i really like the strings that run throughout the album - sort of tying it all together. i've heard some people say it's just "meh" and compare it to ok computer or amnesiac, but i don't think it's fair to do that after a handful of listens. radiohead makes very textured music that needs to be digested, IMO. also, i can say that the bends is my fave radiohead album but it's not just b/c of the music. it's b/c it's tied to specific memories from that time in my life. that's very personal, y'know? i don't expect others to identify w/ that because obvs they aren't me. and it doesn't make the other albums any less than.

we are all allowed to have our own personal experience w/ music. there is a passage in nick hornby's "songbook" that i can't recall verbatim, but the general gist of it is that it shouldn't matter what a song or album or band means to anyone else but YOU - you're the only one that can have a unique experience w/ the music you listen to. i try to think back to that passage when i'm getting all hoity toity rock snob about certain genres...and maybe dating someone w/ a completely opposite musical taste will help me be less snobby. i doubt it can totally change me, but we'll see. hee.

i have a point here somewhere...uhhh, ummmm. one, i think what radiohead are doing w/ allowing the listener to decide what/if they want to pay is really forward-thinking & it will be interesting to see if it changes/how it changes the industry. it also threatens my job. eep! two, my initial impression of this album is positive. i can't really put it into words yet though, i'm still ruminating. three, don't be self-conscious about your musical tastes. you like what you like. embrace both the good and the "bad". as long as you're authentic people can't knock you. okay, i'm done now. ;)

Thanks, I haven't been able to get into the site all day to buy it legitimately. You'd think they would have gotten some real servers or something for a stunt like this...

(Deleted comment)
good thing because there is no way i'd pay for an album i'm likely to want to throw out the window.

i could eat my words when i'm finished getting this file from you. luckily, halloween is approaching and the season of self righteous angel is upon us.

please know that i in no means want to belittle your music taste sensitivities. you can listen to radio head all you want around me. love them, even. with headphones.

I think you may like this one. If you don't, let's at least have a fight about it, alright? I love you.

I'm music dumb too. I like having "bad" taste because it means I don't have to hate anything.

This album continues to grow on me more and more with each listen. I'm pretty sure it has now claimed a spot into the quality tier of OK and Kid A. I like how my favorite songs keep changing. Right now Weird Fishes has the top spot. They're all so goooood.

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