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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
Does anyone do light therapy for seasonal affective disorder?  What works?

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i haven't yet, but this might be the magic winter when i crack. let me know what you find out.

I would be curious to know too, after a rainy English summer another long dark winter might be more than I can handle.

Stay tuned. I gotta figure this out this year. Will even guinea pigify any findings I find.

A lot of people say tanning beds are helpful. I might even try it...I'm going to ask my doctor if they help at all with vitamin D synthesis first, though. I'll let you know what I learn.

Cool, thanks. Most of the light therapy light things seem like a scam. I need some facts there! Also, any additional vitamin supplements would be helpful. Kellianne thinks Omega 8s are somehow related? I know nothing.

I had been told that fish oil supplements work so I started taking Omega 3/Omega 6 supplements last winter. They're (supposed to) work in a more general way, not really specific to SAD, but there's been all these studies showing a link between countries that eat a lot of fish and lower depression/suicide statistics. I found them helpful last winter, and even if they aren't affective for treating SAD, the supplements are super good for you (heart, cholesterol, all that stuff).

I'm the whitest white girl ever so I'm curious to know what kind of answers you get, since me hopping into a tanning bed might do more harm than good. I remember a long time ago seeing "light therapy" thing in a dermatologist's office; it looked kind of like a time machine. I agree that they seem scam-ish, like the kind of thing you'd shell out tons of $$$$ for and then you'd just wind up feeling like a cooked LeanCuisine afterwards.

i recently went to a sauna at salon dewi which includes uv light box therapy. it's not tanning bed strength... you don't wear sunscreen and would be unlikely to get tan from it. but supposedly it helps with S.A.D. i can't speak to that aspect but i can say that the sauna aspect was *wonderful*. i broke my ankle recently and for whatever reason it helped with the pain. i'm a convert and plan to go regularly now...

Yeah, it's omega-3 fatty acids she's probably talking about. I don't think there's such a thing as 8. And omega-3 is the only one with any mainstream recognition. ;)

You tend toward tachycardia (fast heart rate), right? There's a bunch of things I think you would benefit from, but supplement dosing and purity are very specific issues and I could tell you which manufacturers to use. Your acupuncturist might have access to some of them. We can talk vitamins for real sometime. :)

Yes I am a tachycardic! I'll ask my acupuncturist, but I want the full vitamin talk too. You're in Seattle now right? We should hang out!

Yeah! I also need to visit Kellianne's cat at some point.

Totally! I'm going to see Metric tomorrow at the Showbox if you want to come along or have drinks before/after. I live fairly nearby.

Let me know where you go after - 3606709668. If I'm going to bed by then, though, I might go to McLeod Thursday night. :)

I have a physician friend who regularly goes to tanning beds for his SAD. He claims the light from tanning beds is equivalent to more expensive & hard-to-find "light therapy." Let me know if it works!

I have a light therapy box and should really use it more often. The energy boost is AWESOME.

Which one do you have? How long do you have to use it for results? And I guess I should ask, how do you use it? Do you just have it on all the time, or do you have to dedicate time to light therapy?

Vitamin D deficiency is super prevalent in the NW and is getting more attention in the medical community lately for being potentially linked to lots of crazy stuff. The current RDI of 400iu per day is being reconsidered; it'll be more like 1000iu once revised. Even if it doesn't end up helping your SAD, it's worth it in other ways.
I use a tanning salon in the winter for mild SAD. I only go for, like, <10 minutes at a time once or twice per week which is enough to bounce my mood up noticeably without turning me into a bronzed freakshow. You can pay as you go at most area salons, making it relatively risk-free to give it a shot.

yeah that was me above.

yeah i bought a sunlamp and used it all last winter. i found that i felt better about 30 minutes into it, but it didnt work so much later in the year, but maybe i was using it when i didnt really need it? or using it too much

whether its a placebo effect or whatever that i was experiencing, i found it to be useful, especially on the really dark and/or wintery days.

also its wicked bright, yo

The indoor sun shoppe in Fremont has a selection and apparently allow you a two week free trial: http://indoorsun.stores.yahoo.net/

I had a friend who used a pretty big box and still believes in it (doesn't live in a very wintry city any more though). She was doing a degree in psycho-biology and doing work in a lab studying SAD at the time. She's now a psychiatrist.

I also found that it was helpful for me to get outside - especially up into the mountains - in the winter time.
It was much easier for me to do this in Seattle than in Boston. There's a cold threshold that somehow kept me indoors in Boston in a way that it didn't in Seattle.

One of my former business partners used the light-box method in the morning. It seemed to work pretty well.

Addendum: She used it 30 minutes right when she woke up in the morning. It made a big difference in her mood. I suggested mind-altering drugs but that was shot down as her lesbian partner was "in recovery."

just take a bunch of vitamin d - did the trick for me last winter. not sure how much i'm taking - 1000 IU? it's two pills a day to make life suck less with no sunlight.

The lights work wonders. The lights with St. Johns Wort and you are good to go. Trust me. I spent 80% of my childhood in the dark.

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