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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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alone time
bird poops on plum branch
Listening to Wilco, reading old entries (both mine and Kellianne's... hers go way back to 2001 and are fascinating... matching up what she was doing when I was doing other things), thinking about art and what I want to make, drinking tea and coffee, eating cereal for every meal, reformatting hard drives, making lists, daydreaming, being nostalgic for parallel pasts, for the things we learned and experienced that made us how we are today, excel spreadsheets, feeling good will for pretty much everyone around me, looking at the window and how the rain makes little slashes of rain across it at 80 degree angles, and how the sun peeks out, jumping rope, doing laundry, crossing things off lists, taking short walks to a coffee stand and back, having long IM chats with people all over the country, deciding that I'm against Against Love, there's only time for being for things, coaxing the cat to sit in my lap, to dance in front of the mirror, to curl up in a little ball next to me.  I've been doing this for two days, and wanna do it tomorrow too.  Something's brewing in my subconscious and I just wanna let it steep.  In fact, I don't mind if it steeps forever.  It's lazy and comfortable and exactly how I wanna feel right now.

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what do you think of Against Love? Rick made me read it before we moved in together. Kipnis is a character. I liked her follow-up "The Female Thing" as well. Although I heartily disagree with some of what she says, it's interesting to hear someone say it.

I have a post brewing about this. I'll let you know soon. Did you make Rick read a book too?

you sure do know how to spin lots of nothings to somethings.


It reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom told me I was wasting time spending all that time on the computer, but I just had faith it would turn into SOMETHING, and a decade later, along came the internet. Who knows what will come a decade later for Buster!

You mean when I'm all growed up? :) I wanna be a veterinarian!

Your profession has not been invented yet.

That sounds like perfect alone time. Was the tea you were drinking WU WEI perchance? Those are some great memories, reading and studying next to the aquariums at the tea house. That's what your entry reminded me of.

It was unfortunately not Wu Wei (Market Spice Orange Something), but I have been thinking about that tea house all summer. Almost brought Kellianne there on my driving tour of the important bits of Seattle a couple months ago. Yes, that tea house, the arboretum, Miles Davis, Mazzy Star, and Nag Chompa all bring me way back to the beginnings of Seattle living. Good times, good times!

ahhh. ogre chambi- i smelled it just the other day as I walked by a shop, and had a rapid-fire flash back of five moments- with blue light and mazzy star, with two fish tanks, with my green room with the trees out the window and books on the floor, the tiny telephone room (aka leanne's room), and sitting with laptops on futons on opposite sides of the room working on essays. do you remember going into that pilot's apartment with LBJ, kdog and leanne and hanging out in his living room? what a strange evening that was. all because he was playing the jesus and mary chain out his window and lbj liked it.

See, it's that year in particular that I wish I had captured in journal form. There was so much going on that year that would be fun to relive.

Adrian's been coming by McLeod a bit more lately. It's been good seeing him and recounting old tales.

Adrian, as in big-hair, slow-talking Adrian? From the big house?
You know, I have some old journals from that time, but I think like you, most of mine are just filled with my philosophizing, and not much of the real action/reaction of daily living. I'll have to check to make sure.... I'd love to see Adrian again.

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