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the perfect alarm clock, does it exist?
bird poops on plum branch
I want a new alarm clock.  The $7 one I got 4 years ago does do a good job of waking me up, but I want so much more.  I want iPod hookup.  I want it to have multiple programmable alarms.  Ideally, it would know what day it is.  Ideally, it would know my work schedule, and know when I'm out of town.  Ideally, it would know when I turn it off for real and when I turn it off accidentally.  It would know whether or not I wanted coffee, and whether or not I'm having a good dream. 

Do you have the best alarm clock in the world?  Do any of you have the ones in this review?  Or any of these?  Or have you heard of the perfect alarm clock on NPR?  Can you help me out on this very important matter please?  Thanks!

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I have the ihome 5. It's pretty good - 2 alarms (one radio, one ipod) and you can adjust the light it gives off. I heard the ipod connector dock is fragile and might break eventually.

How about using your computer for that? You could script alerts to play specific songs in iTunes at specific times -- songs that sound like your alarm noise, or songs that peacefully remind you to enjoy your day, depending on what you're like in the morning...

I used to set up my computer to turn on at the same time every day, and I'd dropped a radio show into the start-up folder, so it sang to me every morning. It was nice...

what I want: an alarm clock that is completely dark when I'm sleeping and that beeps when I want it to wake me up even if the radio is playing.

mine has a really good dimmer so when it's on low i can barely barely see it. it also has multiple alarms so you can set the radio to turn on, then set a beep for later to enhance the waking experience.

i really like it actually. i've gone through multiple clocks in the last few years and this one's sticking around.

I have one of these and like it pretty well. It sounds good and looks good. I don't really use the iPod support, but it has a line in that the Airport Express plugs into.

The only thing I HATE about it is that when the radio comes on for the alarm, it will only come on at one volume -- extremely loud. I assume this has been fixed in more recent versions.

this fills none of your criteria, but

I was actually tempted to buy something from SkyMall:

And this thing is supposed to know whether or not you're having a good dream:

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