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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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mental and physical healthification exercise
"Don't" rules and exceptions:
  1. No alcohol unless it's a shot.
  2. No meat unless it's organic, or lives in or on water (like ducks).
  3. No bread unless it's multi-grain or seems healthy.
  4. No pasta unless it's rice pasta.
  5. No sugar unless it's in alcohol, or occurs naturally.
"Do" rules and exceptions:
  1. Write 750 words in the morning.
  2. Jump rope (and other body-weight exercises) in the morning.
  3. Take multi-vitamins and other supplements in the mornings.
  4. Internet free Saturdays, read books instead.
  5. Walk to work both ways unless it's raining.
General exceptions to all rules:
  1. Break all rules sometimes, just for fun.
  2. Especially if you're celebrating something.
I wanna do this until I start feeling healthier, less stressy, and able to get better sleep. 

Still in progress... feedback needed!

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As much as it pains me to say it, I fear the alcohol one is really in need of modification if you want to feel healthy. I keep making lists like this and I always end up at the same inalienable fact: quit drinking and you'll feel fine.

Yeah, this is my backwards way of realizing that. However, I'm totally shamelessly addicted to the social aspects of drinking, and like spirit of self-destructive liveliness that it creates in a group. I'm addicted to crazy things happening, and want to endorse crazy things happening all the time. If I didn't own a bar, and none of my friends drank, I wouldn't mind giving up at all. But, this is my weird way of showing people that I'm endorsing all of that while also drinking a lot less myself... I've tested the theory this week and find myself having 1-3 drinks instead of 5-8... which is a pretty marked improvement. Plus, it sort of cracks me up. Who knows, maybe this will be a stepping stone to a more strict rule...

Oh I'm right there with you. I think this is where the age difference comes in. This year I've felt it. Something's going to need to give. And it's such a shame because the situations keep getitng more sublimely, brilliantly bizarre and ridiculous. I don't know how I'd live without them. I am slowly concocting a plan, though, to keep them but ditch the booze. It involves tuxedos. I will need your help.

I'M IN. Absolutely. Do you know anything about Lord Buckley?

Although I know nobody wants to hear my anti-alcohol preaching, I totes agree with this. There's also no point dieting if you're still drinking, it won't work. And if you do quit drinking, you don't need to diet. My two cents (YMMV).

I mean, not that I think you need to diet anyway.

Yeah. I just stalled on the whole dilemma by focusing on quitting smoking, but that's only gonna buy me another couple months tops. And lord knows *I* need to diet.

your "do" rules seem like the sort of things to make you feel healthy; the "don'ts" aren't rules at all.

Why aren't the don't rules rules?

they all have such broad exceptions, look what happens if you turn them into DOs:

1. drink shots
2. eat meat, except non-organic red meat
3. eat bread, except white bread
4. eat rice pasta (how is this better than whole grain pasta anyway?)
5. eat natural sugars.

Haha... true. Are you saying I'm being too easy on myself? That's part of the brilliance of my diet! :) Suggest me a rule and I'll show you an exception that'll make it possible to do with almost no effort!

i think any attempt at improving your physical, mental and emotional health is a good step. it's partly about the intention to take care of yourself. i mean, i can drink a bottle of wine while eating leftovers and sitting on the couch all night and feel awful, while if i drink a bottle of wine while cleaning the kitchen, cooking a huge meal, and cleaning the kitchen again, i can feel great. obviously, nothing takes the place of actually making healthy choices, but i know the mindset alone is a big step.

It's more about believing that you're doing something for your health anyway :)

Do: Drink more water! It fixes everything!

rule #1 on your don't list is just making me drink more.

but hey, kudos to that!

spaghetti factory mmmmkay

What happens in the little train car in the middle of Spaghetti Factory stays in the little train car in the middle of Spaghetti Factory.

Let's go to 7 star pepper..

Re: I approve of ducks


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