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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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question of the day
bird poops on plum branch
The quality and richness of your life can be determined by the extent to which you're impacted and moved by music.

True or false?

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i don't know, but beautiful!

true, I think. emotional response to music, as to life.

False. There are perfectly nice deaf people in this world who get equal emotional charge from, say, poetry or paintings. If you broaden it out to the things that music represents to hearing folk -- the charge of emotion from experiencing other people's creations -- I'll agree with you.

This is a dangerous question -- I just finished off "The Picture of Dorian Grey" last night, where the protagonist is a total psychopath looking for new and exotic sensations of art. You never quite get into his head, but it seems like even though he can create lovely music and is a great wit, he can never fully experience emotion from music/pictures/words/whatever and has no empathy or compassion for anyone.

Okay, yeah, I think it applies to all art in general. The emotional response to art, whether it's music, painting, literature, or nature in general...

And, to be more specific, the ability to relate to external art... art that you didn't create yourself, may help prevent the trap of just having an emotional connection to your own ego.

I have to say I don't think this is true for everyone. Primarily, I think of the millions if not billions of people who don't have access to music on a regular basis...

One of my professors in art school had this amazing letter that his great-grandmother had written to her friends back in the country. She'd been staying with relatives in Philadelphia, and they'd taken her to the symphony and she was just... enthralled. I've heard music from every corner all my life, but this woman lived before the phonograph and the fanciest, most professional music she heard before that was at church on Sunday.

Doesn't everyone have music/dance/art of some sort? Even the Eskimos sing, right?

music and dance evolved simultaneously, with hand clamps and stomping feet.

And ps... I think that if you aren't exposed to music then line of thinking doesn't apply. It's more about how I go in waves of responding/not-responding to music and they seem to correlate with waves of rut/momentum respectively.

false. i'd say true to it if you replaced music with .
to have no passion about anything is to have a life devoid of quality and richness.

i personally adore music of all kinds and would feel like my life was empty without it, but i wouldn't say that everyone who doesn't feel the same is passionless

the hypothesis is "can determine", not "determines".

I hope it's false. I don't really listen to much music.

But that's not to say I don't find some music very moving. I do.

Man, on one hand this seems to make sense, on the other, there's a lot of people low quality lives who love their New Country where I'm from in the South.

I hope not. I totally don't get music.

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