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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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smart sets on flickr
me and kellianne
Just learned about a cool flickr toy from Brady that will create "smart set" on flickr based on rules.  Here's a daily updated set of my "most interesting" flickr pictures:

I didn't even take that picture... totally stole it from Tam, who took it at our McLeod Residence new year's party...

According to flickr, the most interesting things about my pictures are:
  1. McLeod Residence new year party
  2. Francesca Berrini's maps
  3. Playing werewolf at Foo Camp
  4. Mule Design visiting the Robot Co-op
  5. A drawing of the robots in Seattle Metropolitan magazine
  6. McLeod's Ransom Note
  7. My face in the iMac filter that makes me look like Bilbo Baggins
  8. The Cleod Card logo by Hobbs
  9. My facial expression map
  10. $6000 in $100 bills
  11. My face in the iMac filter that makes me look like a crazy mutant
  12. The back of a cool coaster
  13. Polaroids of my friends
  14. A scary dog
  15. Early McLeod Residence logo
  16. Robot Co-op with Jeff Bezos
  17. My scariest face
  18. Me in the McLeod mirror
  19. Spaghetti burrito
  20. Kellianne in a canoe watching the blue angels
  21. Playing werewolf at 5am
  22. My new name on a driver's license
  23. Weird poster
  24. Vespa with awesome sidecar
  25. 3-way video ichat with Matt Haughey and Michael Buffington
See the set...

Find out what you're interesting for...

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My most interesting photo according to Flickr is of some Hooters waitresses that were kicking around a roll of paper towels for some reason one afternoon.

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