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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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2nd draft of my personal manifesto for life
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1. It's not what you do, but how you do it

2. It's not what happens to you, but which qualities it brings out in you

3. The pursuit of enjoyment trumps all other pursuits

4. Do unto yourself and others always with your best judgment


5. Do not dilly dally

6. Do not feel sorry for yourself

7. Exercise, eat healthy, and manage stress

8. Dress and appear as your best self

9. Strive to know yourself

10. Tell people about yourself

11. Appreciate your different energy levels and moods

12. Pay attention to your own body language

13. Be your word

14. Be the change you want to see

15. Harness the ability to focus your attention

16. Be a beacon of strength


17. Try to have good intentions

18. Be the maker of your own meaning

19. Participate in extraordinary problems

20. Explore all options and hedge bets while deciding

21. Be confidently all-in once a decision has been made

22. Have a vision that you are striving for

23. Stake your reputation on your vision

24. Rally others to help you

25. Be responsible for your own failure and success

26. Be comfortable with big failure and big success

27. Enjoy the play


28. Retry things you don't like or agree with

29. Strongly consider criticism from people who know you

30. Listen closely for things you can't easily hear

31. Nothing is final, current best judgment trumps all

32. Give yourself and others a break


So... reading over it now I'm not sure if it's right... it might be too much.  It might circle around a couple ideas without getting quite to their core.  I'll know more when I try to explain each one a little bit further.  Overall though, what do you think, is this better or worse than the last one?

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I think it's cool you do this, I have a few lists like this, but I don't have the guts to share them with the world yet ;)

Do you have a link to the first one?
I feel like some of them say the same thing, but in a different way.

Here's the first one:

Yeah, it's a little redundant. But it really is all just different ways of saying to pay attention to how you do things instead of what you do, and to pay attention not to what happens, but what qualities are brought out in you by what happens.

For me, this is just about trying to find a center for myself... since I don't have religion or an easily articulated set of beliefs I'm always trying to find out what I do actually believe in.

Goodness. Your list is stressing me out.

Is there space for "You should forgive yourself for not living up to all your ideals"?

Yeah, that's the part about being comfortable with failure. But I see your point... there used to be something on there about relaxing... maybe I should add it back. :)

Any reason why you changed it from "You must" to "You should"?

Should you also be comfortable with small failure and small success? Or just go for the big ones?

I decided I wanted it to be less of a manifesto and more of a life etiquette list. Nothing on the list is a rule by any means, it's just one possible way to prefer life. Plus... shoulds are in!

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