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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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day seven of eighteen
I'm not going to write today or think about writing.  I'm going to walk up and down every street in Soho, look in every store, and absorb a little bit of the outside instead of being all internal.  Any favorite clothes stores for boys?  Any great cafes for a snack or a drink?  Hit me New York.  Text me with missions.  I'm going to turn on Twitter too (add me).

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I don't know much about the fancy places, but Uniqlo seems pretty popular. If you need a break from the expensive stuff, I like Pearl River's candy and tea cup selection. They used to be in a big dusty store in Chinatown, but they moved north to a fancy place. If you want a walk, try going over to the river on the West side. There are all sorts of little parks along the waterfront. Supposedly you can go kayaking in the East River, although I don't know much about that -- it just makes me giggle.
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is Moss still there? if it is, you can't miss it.

Good call! The Moss Store and Gallery are on Greene Street just south of Houston. Greene is a few blocks west of Broadway. Wired [the magazine] used to have a gallery near there too...

Lord Willy's (on Mott between prince and spring)
Flying A (on Spring @ Thompson)
Paul Smith (on Green @ houston)
Bape (on Green @ spring)

Also: Go down to chinatown and eat some food! Except go to Lombardi's on Elizabeth and Spring for pizza for lunch. Guarenteed best pie you'll ever eat.

Thanks! I went to all these places and coveted many things!

Are you love/enjoyment birds free tonight? A bunch of us are headed down to the Battles show at South Street and then towards drinks and nice times. Would love to meet you!

We'll probably miss out tonight but let's meet up soon. Do you have my number? 206.355.9718 just in case. Will you be out at all next week during the week?

i am moving to europe on monday.

Oh no! Seriously? Exciting!

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