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Buster Benson

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day six of eighteen
What kinds of things are "rewards in themselves"?
It's an interesting idea, and strangely stumping for me this morning as I sit back at Aroma and catch up on some more work.  Something that is a reward detached from the method of earning it.  Vacations are rewards, in general, for the work you did to earn it.  Dessert is a reward for dinner.  A raise is a reward for good work.  Champagne often celebrates something.  But kittens?  Are they rewards in themselves?  What about works of art?  There is no story built into how you earned a kitten necessarily.  And, honestly, everyone deserves a kitten... you don't have to earn it.  Are rewards in themselves the majority, or the minority, of rewards out there?

I mostly just like the phrase.  Something being in itself is very interesting to me.  It also rings true.  Everything must be a reward in itself, because nothing can really connect two things together in order for one to give the other purpose. 

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> Are rewards in themselves the majority, or the minority, of rewards out there?

Definitely the minority. Most things are earned. In fact, I wonder if all things are earned, but "rewards in themselves" are the only things where the earning is so overshadowed by the thing itself that you forget the earning process. You don't "earn" a kitten, but the work you put into it rewards you with a friendly, entertaining kitten that grows up into a purring cat who warms you up in winter. If you don't put work into it, you end up with an anti-social, hissing ball of nasty that grows up to use your bed as a litter box and barely tolerates your presence.

popcorn. you can't earn popcorn, it's very rewarding.

I have this feeling that earning a degree is sort of this- I mean, you need the degree on your resume so you can get whatever job it is that you want, but education really is a reward in itself.

(I should be educating myself right now instead of LJing. Hey, we should hang out! What are you guys up to tonight?)

We're going to dinner at a place called Balthazar? Or something? A tourist place with good steaks apparently. As soon as KA gets off work that is! Workaholic. And then, who knows. Out and about probably! Is that a convenient area? Can meeting up happen? I will of course dodgeball and would love to meet up!

Balthazar is where Ben and I go to discuss Serious Business. We usually go at about 11 on a weeknight. We order french onion soup, roast beef sandwiches and a lot of scotch. Shit gets done. Celebrities gawk in awe.

Charity, and doing good. Rewards in and of themselves.

Sincerely, your broken record friend.

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