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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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day one of eighteen (8:35pm)
bird poops on plum branch
I fiddled around with some ideas.  I got tired around 7pm and ordered dessert and coffee, then found a second wind and went back to rose/Rose.  Is that capitalized?  Is Internet still supposed to be capitalized?  What about Indian?  Why isn't "capitalized" Capitalized?  I might be a little drunk.  I've been thinking about my "uniform" and talking about it with Ali.  My uniform is changing from subtle/feminine/cowboy button-up and blazer (if it's cold) with jeans and square-toed shoes to long sleeved patterned t-shirt and skinny jeans/pants.  I don't know if my new uniform is better or worse.  I guess it's not about better or worse, it's just about me.  & which is more.  And now, I'm in a period of change and that change needs to be expressed through fashion.  Because that's the rules.

I just need to change, or rather, revert to my core self, and I am responding both to the desire to improve my fashion without straying too far into my impression of pre-explored fashion.  And now that I'm in NYC I feel like I can just buy things and make them work in Seattle.  Is that cheating?  I have strict rules regarding cheating which I cannot break.

Oh.  Part two of the evening aka socializing calls.

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the uniform post is done:


i quoted you directly, but not the part about your new aspirations for a uniform b/c that's just too many words and i took journalistic license. that's what we do, cause we're jerkfaces. <3

I'm trying to change my uniform too!

But I think it may just be a slight variation on the same theme. Can you buy me something funky in NYC to wear in Seattle? Thanks. I trust you.

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