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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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day one of eighteen
me and kellianne
I'm in NYC.

I didn't sleep on the plane last night.

I'm blond again! 

I'm in a little cafe called Palacinka that has wifi (but no outlets), rose wine, and a good tuna salad.  The tall green glass bottles of water for each are nice cause I only drink water in restaurants.

I think I'll be coming here often when Kellianne's working (as she is now), and consider this personal project of a book that I've been thinking about.  Am I really going to do it, and if so, how?

I have a title.  Should I write it down somewhere?  Enjoymentland.

Now what?  Another glass of rose please......

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I like the thought of you being a rose-drinking blond dandy in NYC writing a book called Enjoymentland. Stand back and appreciate, indeed.

I'll have to manufacture some drama just so I don't feel so bourgeois. I think that will take the form of hangovers primarily. :)

Hangovers certainly do mitigate the benefits of privilege...

Yay! Welcome to New York!

If you do want to go somewhere else, I like alt.cafe and Cafe Pick-Me-Up across from Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. Cafe Pick-Me-Up has a lot of sidewalk tables across from the park, so you can do some good people watching. The 6 to Astor Place will get you there, and then you walk east. Further uptown, Bryant Park on 42nd and 6th has lots of benches and cafe tables and people playing chess. It's just behind the New York Public Library. Supposedly there's wifi throughout the park, although I don't own anything wifi enabled... It also has free movies on Mondays and plenty of sunshine. You can either take the train to Times Square or Grand Central and the park is kind of in the middle of them.

Cool, thanks. I might check some of these places out!

I hope you have a lovely lovely trip. Tell miss Kellianne that I said hello.

Yes of course. It can only be interesting. I hope you have a lovely lovely birthday and will definitely celebrate with you once I get back!

Yes, say hello to Kellianne!

And I read through the book. Very interesting.

Oh yeah? I'd love to hear a more detailed review at some point. :)

To tide you over...

The Game was a good read, but very much the literary candy kind of read. Given that the writer was a journalist, the story did progress from A to B to C in a reasonably predictable sort of way. In that respect, the topic could have just as easily been on mountain-climbing or playing baccarat or starring in porn; the story really transcended the material, but in doing so, made the material seem quite commonplace and almost... trite.

Of course, one could say that this concept really fed into the whole theme of the book! The underlying, feel-good message in the text seemed to be that even if you are as persuasive and charming as many people want to be, it doesn't necessarily guarantee happiness in the slightest, and it definitely does not make you into a better, more well-rounded person. Turning the exciting (bending people to your will) into the mundane (*another* phone number, *another* threesome, *another* celebrity) just serves as a means of showing that you can't run away from your inner demons or your general fuckwad-itude, even if you monomaniacally practice and refine your pick-up skills to the point where you can persuade anyone to do anything.

The discussion of the skills? Well, it was interesting, too, and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't think about some aspects of how I relate to people and groups. But what I found to be the most interesting was that it seems like a lot of what these people were learning was just how to be comfortable around people. Tricks aside, most of it was really just confidence-building, and learning basic common sense and how not to be a frickin' doormat. There may be some neuro-linguistic programming or hypnosis or applied social psychology or whatever involved in some techniques, but most of it would be second nature to a fair number of people, even without going to a workshop.

I did feel like the ending was very corny and hackneyed, too.

And finally, pardon my French, who the fuck wants to pick up *that* many people? :) What's really the point? And what does it accomplish, anyway?

There is no point. It's just a view into a subculture. As pointless as opening a bar or starting a company or feeding the homeless or researching the galaxy. It's all pointless and therefore beautiful and therefore awesome. That's my opinion after this bottle of Rose has been emptied at least. :)

Ahhh... pointless, but realizing that many things don't really have a point is the most important thing to learn, right? The author (and that computer in WarGames) said it best: there are games where you win when you don't play them anymore. You transcend the game, you learn what you need to know, you figure out how the system works, and then you just move on.

(And good that your bottle of Rose is treating you well!)

Palacinka: ewww, Soho AND no outlets! Boo to that! Come over to the LES and plug in at Schiller's!

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