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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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water and identification
bird poops on plum branch
Last week I lost my driver's license somewhere in a water feature at Cal Anderson Park.  Somewhere on Capitol Hill there's a duck impersonating me.

Last night I washed my passport in the washer/dryer.  I'm going to iron it like they do in the movies, but it's pretty destroyed.  Do authorities care?

Why is my identity so attracted to water?  Why is it always trying to move on, or blur out, or become papery flakey thin?  It's sort of hilarious.  I think this is all happening now in order for me to deal with the deadline of the day I said I'd change my name back in a couple weeks.  But I'm not gonna. 

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It's a good name. My cat is also a Buster.

Now that I think about it, I bet it would be difficult to name a baby Buster. It would probably be bad luck. Hence the shortage of human Busters. But, it's very popular for cats and dogs! I should have a Buster party where it's just me and all the cats and dogs I share a name with. That would be so much fun.

I have often said that for my birthday, I just want to sit in the back of a pickup truck filled with kittens and puppies. If they were all Busters it could only be better.

That sounds so great. We could start a new branch of psychotherapy that becomes the new oxygen bar, or the new smelltherapy. If I had thought of this earlier I would've tried to do something like this for my name birthday. Maybe next year!

i would adopt a pet and name it buster if i could attend that party with him!

I wonder what color that duck is going to dye its feathers next.

Whatever color it's choosing next, it's probably molting right now.

it is a message from the universe, but what is it saying?

It's a test. Like it did with Job. Except the torment is more in the form of trying to keep me out of bars and airplanes. I gotta be strong.

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