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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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stand back and appreciate
My good friend Jimmy and crew were in town for less than 24 hours, but it was such a great and much needed visit.   Some people serve as anchors in my life, and others act as springboards in my life; Jimmy acts as both an anchor and a springboard.  Jim, Michelle, and Tristan drove all the way up from SF to Seattle, and then back again, just to visit.  We ate at Matt's in the Market and then broke into McLeod to drink invented drinks and talk about big things until almost 4am last night.  It was wonderful.

Tired this morning!  But at the Co-op we sent out our press release and notified a few bloggers about our new site, Should Do This.  We've already gotten some good write-ups including the Read/Write Web, Seattle P.I., Mashable, and more... I wonder if we'll have more tomorrow... it would be nice to have Techcrunch at least mention us.  If anyone has connections, help a guy out?  I want this site to be a big success.

Michelle asked me yesterday while we were in QFC looking for skateboarding magazines for her son to read while we drank the night away whether or not I have had a chance to "stand back and appreciate" everything that's going on lately... pointing at the GQ, and referring to a bunch of things in both work, work, and personal life.  I realized that, no, I haven't.

Tomorrow I get on a plane to visit Kellianne in NYC for 2.5 weeks.  I'm talking with lawyers working on a second round of investment from a great new friend/business partner at McLeod.  We launched our 7th Robot Co-op website and our 3rd anniversary is coming up on September 1st.  The first anniversary of changing my name is coming up on the 8th.

I carry 6 little cards in my wallet at all times.  They are the 6 things I want in my life.  I made these cards less than a year ago, and already two have come true: the Robot Co-op has become a profitable company, and I have fallen madly and deeply in love.  The other four are still far from being completed: improving the lives of friends, neighbors, and acquaintances (I have specific things in mind here), being financially independent, being healthy, strong, and beautiful, and becoming a famous inventor.  Not so much to ask, right?  I am actually asking for so much more.

In spot-reading some "How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job" I realize that I need to keep my eye on the prize of always being me, being my own self and not some other imagined self, even an imagined better self.  It's so difficult for me sometimes to just be who I am... I get caught up in who I want to be and who I might be in the future.  But it does a disservice to the present to pretend.  I'm always changing, but I need to always be who I am at the moment, not the person that I'll be in the next moment.  It means not trying to smooth everything over for everyone.  It means expressing negative as well as positive mindsets, it means maybe not having the answer all the time, not leading all the time, not feeling responsible all the time.  Taking a break sometimes.  Speaking out of line sometimes.  Doing what needs to be done.  I'm still not sure what this means, but it feels like a fresh start in a way.  The fake Buster Show is over.  Now it's going to just be me. 

In the meantime, I'm going to try and stand back and appreciate everything that's going on right now.  Especially everything with McLeod and friends.  Especially this redhead in the big apple that I can't get enough of.  Especially my pillow right now.

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you land in 24 hours. phew.

I washed and dried my passport! Oops. It's actually looking a lot better now after a thorough ironing... but, just adding to the destruction/lostification of ID theme we have in our zeitgeist.

we'll go anywhere that is everywhere.

Come with us in october!

It'd be great to meet you and Ms. Kellianne while you are here. I think Alex may have some such plans so I will bug her about elbowing my way in. :)

Absolutely! My number is 206.355.9718, I'm on dodgeball if you use that, and yes, I want Alex to plan things. I'll be there for a while so it's going to just HAVE to happen. Can't wait to meet you.

great post, b! i love it.

have a great time in nyc with k! glad we got to hang out a bit!

TechCrunch. I think I know some people. So does Ryan King. You show him yet?

You're already beautiful!

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