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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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how many ways are there to enjoy something?
What are the different ways you can enjoy something?  I made a list of 34 ways but want to see if I can think of more.  For example:
  1. Because it tastes good
  2. Because it's healthy
  3. Because you got a good deal
  4. Because someone gave it to you

Etc.  How many ways can you enjoy an orange?  A day?  A conversation?  Are there 30 ways to enjoy something, or 300, or 3 million?

And, anyone that can help me find articles, books, studies, experiments, or jokes about enjoyment, please send them to me.

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I'll ask Melissa to see what she can think of from her psych studies.

These are some I thought of

because it made someone else happy
because it made someone else angry
because it proved you were justified
because it made you calm
because it made you rethink something you took for granted

I could keep going....

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