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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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morning criminal update
Here's an article I saw while coming in to work about the link between changing your name and being a notorious identity thief.  The crimes are committed by changing your name, getting a driver's license, stealing the appropriate social security number, opening a bank account, and writing a lot of bad checks on someone else's credit.  Strange that they are picking on the name change as the weak link... I would personally pick the whole step of stealing the appropriate social security number myself.

Also, Lindsay got caught drunk driving again.  I've never known someone who needed a chauffeur more.

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Mine was two pages... and asked for a reason for the change, and also made me check boxes saying I wasn't a sexual offender and that I wouldn't be doing this for fraudulent purposes. Pretty basic. I feel like I do remember it asking me to state any previous names I've gone by, but maybe that was something else.

I like it when paranoia forces the government to make things more bureaucratic and difficult. It makes me realize just how we got into this crazy twisted situation where nothing to do with the government is straight forward in the first place.

True that... It's like with my current neighbor drama -- he's allowed to build everything he's building and it makes me think "There outta be a law!", but it's not the law that's the problem. Meanwhile a lot of people blame our housing shortage in NYC on the red tape and the various building codes and zoning laws and rent stabilization, but there's a reason why we have all of them. I'd have another skyscraper cube next door, instead of a cute, huge brownstone with an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Oh, and your state's petition is here, if you need a little nostalgia today...

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