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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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2 new word variation requests
f is for fox
I misuse two common words all the time: thanks and sorry.  There should be versions of these words that don't include personal attachment or responsibility. 

I want to say thanks for things in which I have no authority to really say thanks for.  Like when someone does something nice for another person.  Like when people break out of expected behavior and do something amazing.  Saying thanks sounds like I am somehow strangely managing them when really I just want them to know that what they did was great.

I want to say sorry for things that aren't my fault.  Like when someone feels sick, or is going through tough times.  I really just want to say that I wish it weren't happening, and that I can experience some of the emotions in parallel (and though, emotional mathematically that doesn't lessen the problem at all, it does bend the laws of numbers just a little bit sometimes).

I know there are other ways to say these things, but thanks and sorry seem like the right words.  Even though they're obviously the wrong words.

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I do exactly these things

Like, exactly

People get so mad at me for doing both...

I bet there could be an interesting social psychology discussion about how difficult it is to say something without connotations of blame/responsibility/credit/etc.

yeah, this is definitely a hole in the English language. Maybe we can come up with alternative words that don't have any previous meaning associated with them? I believe that's how the names Exxon and Kodak came about.

If they can do that for brands, why can't we do it for concepts?

Instead of "thanks" say "Capital!" (works better if your monacle drops into your champagne glass as an exclaimation point.) Instead of "sorry" say "Egad!" (same thing as far as the monacle goes.)

maybe I'm feeling a bit contrary today, but I think our society has accepted both of these uses for these terms, even though they're not what we are taught of as their primary uses. I think we can offer thanks to people for doing things even if we had no part in the whole process, and I think we can express sympathy and condolences, even if we're un-involved. Can't we?

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