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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
Life is overflowing. 
  • Kayaking on Bainbridge, wine, chickens named pancake
  • Driving tour of Seattle, laminated maps, lover's eggplant
  • Albino pythons, two-headed turtles, hissing cockroaches
  • Leavenworth, rafting, being warm
  • Harry Potter, Kellianne making good progress, mine still in transit (?!)
  • Black Snake Moan is a feel-good movie, Harry Potter is great, slept through Irma La Douce
  • Cache, Matt's in the Market, fish and veggies on roof
  • Greenlake, baby ducks, urban dares
  • Accordians, bubbles, painting

Granny' Panties

I had a bit of a religious experience on the raft actually.  It was weird.  Okay, I had smoked a little something and was staring at the swirling waters that my paddle made, but it pulled from memories of rafting last year where I came to terms with the river gods and learned the value of wearing a life jacket tightly.  It also had to do with other random things that I've been thinking about... how to relate to people, close to you and far from you, how to find out what the white noise in my brain is all about, how to live big and not self-sabotage, how to enjoy the moment because at any given time that's all there really is.  We are two-headed turtles who think they're one-headed turtles.  We're monkeys in fancy clothes.  And it's all so amazing when the realization fires all 5 billion neurons in my brain representing that real idea.  Right now, I'm back to only maybe 2/3rds of the 5 billion required neurons firing to really feel it.  But I'm feeling something else in full 5 billion mode right now.  And that's the present and that's all that's really happening.  And that's a good thing.  Rinse and repeat, fade to close.