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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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one word
f is for fox
Can you come up with one word that represents everything you want do, be, and learn in life?  I know we're all much more complicated than a single word, so this isn't really an exercise in determining whether or not a single word can really capture you.  It can't.  Obviously.  But our human brains are constantly collapsing incredibly complex things into single words.  Just try describing your coworkers, or our government, or the universe itself.  This exercise was Brangien's weekly assignment for all of us at the Robot Co-op.  And here's my word.

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No idea, although when people ask me what I do, or what I want to do, I say I "make things" -- every job, every hobby I've ever had... they've all revolved around making things.

I do like the "achieve" vs. "success" description for New York + LA... It's a hairline difference, but a really big one. There's a reason why I've never considered moving to LA, even though most of my industry is out there.

This is great!

My middle name is Emefa (my mother's from Ghana, the name means "coolness" or "peace") and when I was a toddler, I was given the nickname "Eme dzo-dzo" which means "Eme -go go!" because I was always running around. 25 years have passed and I am much the same. Running here and there, thinking a million miles an hour and interrupting myself. My personality can be anxious and nerve wracking but on the same token it can be energetic and inspiring to me and everyone around. I need to work on harnessing my personality so I can be, do, and have what i want. For that reason my word is........DYNAMIC.

I have my word tattooed on my left wrist: integrity
The other wrist is getting its word at the end of this month: grace

Better. I think that sums it up.

my word is AWESOME. i don't think that'll be such a surprise to you though. ;)

the one that first popped in my head, which seems like its good enough to keep is RELATED.
relate, relations, relationship, relative relativity, relay.

My word is QUIXOTIC.

Just kidding.

It's actually NOW.

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