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Buster Benson

No advice column.

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new stranger review
Our first potentially negative review comes out in The Stranger today.   I haven't seen it yet.  All I know is that Chris Weber says, "eeeeeek"!  And I also say EEEEEEEK.  I haven't asked for more info.

At the same time that I cringe at the potentially nasty things they might say about us, I'm also strangely delighted by the prospect of some negativity.  Something has got to balance out all the positive things the Stranger has said/done for us.  We can take it.  We aren't perfect, and we know it.

Update, website, update.

Okay, UPDATED: Here's the article!  Not nearly as negative as I was fearing.  Though, as Lele says, how can you say that ShitBeGone toilet paper isn't interactive?

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no no no i can't take negativity. not today.

i mean. what? i have to.


You/we can take it! It's not personal. It's just part of the media entertainment see-saw. You are awesome. McLeod is awesome. We know this. The Stranger is fickle. Luckily, it is not our master. And, luckily, any press is good press.

Any press is good press. And the Stranger was pro Iraq war until a couple years ago, so fuck what they think.

I just picked up a paper copy. Annie Wagner reviews Interactivity, but her biggest complaint seems to be that not every artwork is interactive. Other than that she praises the butterflies and laments only that the photobooth hardware must shares duties with the mutations animation.

Really? So it ain't that bad?

It's certainly lukewarm, but no, not bad.

Actually, lukewarm is the worst! I'd rather have negative than fucking lukewarm. Now I'm pissed!

Our wedding got a better review than your show :P

That's pretty great though. The Stranger is turning into a paper about our friends.

aw, but everything was interactive. we just didn't always include her.

And when we DID include her (like in the mirror) she didn't like what she saw. :)

I can't believe she called it "just a toy".

she seems to have missed everything in the parlor.

all press is good press!

if you don't use the shitbegone toliet paper then what else are you suppose to wipe your ass with? oh yeah...the stranger!
After their hateful review of DREAMGIRLS i don't put too much stock into what they say.

In hindsight we probably should have chosen a better title. Ah well. I liked that review, it wasn't terrible. Half-assed, but not completely negative.

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