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bird poops on plum branch


Buster Benson

No advice column.

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bird poops on plum branch
This last week needs recapping, badly.  For now, I can just rate it five billion stars all around.

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I'm waiting with bated breath!

So are you still up for a little bit of reverse life coaching? I've got a week until my friend comes into town...

I think reverse life coaching would be great fun. This week is a little crazy though... what days work for you? Give me a menu of appointment opportunities and I'll try to select one that works!

Did I see you at Monorail Espresso Sunday afternoon? Looking happy with a red-haired girl in a dress?

Ha, yeah, that must've been us! I'm sorry I didn't see you! Did I totally not recognize you or were you hiding? :)

This happened to me on Sunday too whilst walking home from work! Haha.

You saw me or someone saw you? Sorry for always spurning you on the street! You gotta jump out and yell at me next time. :)

I think this is an excellent idea, people springing out from sidewalks and around corners all over town shouting "Buster!". Perhaps it could even be turned into a musical number.

That idea is a lot better than the way people would jump out from behind corners in Austin a couple years ago and slap me as hard as they could. Or is it?

I like being attacked, apparently. It's an attention thing, I think.

Oh no, I was across the street at the bus stop, with luggage, so weary from travel I couldn't even utter a HELLO across the street! Anyway, Hello!

Genius! I can't wait to hear more!

Hopefully forthcoming! I am WAY behind on everything all of a sudden. Resorting to camera phone pics as the only way to maintain complete life transparency on the internet (a state we should all strive for).

I am striving, slowly but surely.

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